Saturday, May 23, 2020

On My Walk

I was telling Butch, that even though I'm doing the family challenge and exceeding my goal each week, I actually have a different motivator now. 

I've started thinking about my annual physical in January. No, I don't expect there will be much change. My blood pressure is good---low, in fact. My cholesterol is good. I don't have any health problems. Walking won't affect my weight or at least hasn't yet. But what I'm most excited about is when I fill out my pre-appointment paperwork, I will proudly be able to say that I am active 5 days a week. That's something. And it's good for my heart--even though it might not show. I'm excited about that. I won't have to feel guilty any more! I've been active for most of my life. It feels good to be able to say that again.

So there, that's why I do it. But, while I'm doing it, I'm purposefully paying attention to nature. We walk all over the place and are fortunate to have so many trails near our house. That keeps it interesting. That and podcasts. And a phone call now and then. (And yes, I know that those are NOT sentences---I like to break grammar rules now and then because, well, I can. No nuns grading me!). 

On one of my walks this week, the woods were alive with so many pretty wildflowers.
The first plant I noticed was this bush. It looks like some sort of something from the Oak family. The leaves were shiny and perfect--no bugs are blemishes. I wouldn't mind having this in my yard.
I did not try to identify these flowers with my "plant net" app because I did not want it to slow me down. 

This one I know. It's the ox-eye daisy. Such a sweet little thing.
 Isn't this the most darling thing? 

 Of course, this is just common clover. I didn't stop to find a 4 leaf. 
But in the wider view, it sure made for a nice carpet.
As I walked along, I saw this little beauty. Upon closer inspection, turns out it's a little flower barrette. I wonder what little cutie lost it.

I don't think there is anything quite as magical to me than flowers. I just love them all. Plus, it gives me something to enjoy on my walks. 

What do you like to pay attention to? Are you taking time to "smell the roses"?

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