Saturday, May 30, 2020

Some Things

I got a message from Fitbit that I had walked the equivalent of the Great Barrier Reef---1600 miles. Now that's from on and off over the last 5 years or so. I earned this badge! It's pretty cool. I'll scrapbook it.

 My friend, Madelyn--still doesn't have that mask down. She's sort of missed the whole point. She doesn't even have her mouth or her nose covered. I just love old people! They are so darn cute!

 I really had no idea about this! Anybody else know about it?
I don't know where this is, but how gorgeous. I would love to stroll through. I'm thinking they are hydrangeas.
And then there's this. We were talking at the pool when Sandy was in town. She was saying they were thinking of possibly adding one, but couldn't quite figure it out. Well, this looks like it would be perfect!! It's a bar AND a sunbathing deck! Looks good to me!

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  1. Love the way your friend is wearing her mask - well come one now, if it covered her mouth no one would know she was smiling ;-)
    That pool looks so inviting, imagine sitting there with a G&T on a warm summer evening ... you'll have earned it after walking the length of the Great Barrier Reef!


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