Saturday, May 2, 2020

Unexpected Gifts

Over the years, I've been pretty fortunate that I have had friends that always come to my rescue when I need to sew something. Everyone knows that I don't sew, so they have bailed me out more times than I can count---mostly in the costume department. 

When we moved to Nashville 35 years ago, we were introduced to "themed" birthday parties. The little darlings were expected to be in some sort of costume---princess, fancy tea parties, Indian or cowgirl, Barbie, etc. Friends stepped in. Halloween costumes? Friends stepped in. Costumes for school plays? Friends stepped in. Costumes for book reports? Friends stepped in. Oh wait, when Mindy needed to dress like James Buchanan Eads and give a report on the Eads Bridge in St. Louis, I had her don one of her dad's business suits. We penciled on a mustache and called it good! But other than that, my friends always came to my rescue. I am so grateful for that! 

When Sandy was in the 7th grade (1980's), she needed to have a costume to play "Joseph" in the school play. I had her wear her dad's bathrobe. 
Okay, it was terrycloth and color blocked (1970's style). (Side note. About 10 years ago, he was finally getting rid of this robe. The girls spied it in the Good Will box and gave it back to him that year for Christmas. Heck, it was already 40 years old. In the photo above, he surprised the girls by wearing it at Sandy's this past Christmas).

Back to the story. So, Sandy's teacher didn't think this robe was very "Joseph"-like. She brought her a robe! Problem solved.

Then, when Sandy was a freshman at St. Cecilia Academy (all girls school), she was "asked" to serve at the spaghetti supper at the all boys school, Montgomery Bell Academy, across the street. This was considered a huge privilege! My first thought was, "are you kidding me! The girls are expected to serve the boys!!" Then she brought home the PATTERN for the required apron! Oh, hell no!!! Again, a friend came to the rescue! (Another side note: by the time Stephanie got to SCA, the girls no longer served at the spaghetti supper. Finally somebody came to their senses!)

When Jordan and Morgan needed to dress as either a pilgrim or Indian for their school Thanksgiving celebration, Stephanie was still in school, so I came to HER rescue! The girls and I took brown grocery bags, cut arm holes and zig zagged the edges. We colored them with crayons---all different designs. We made brown paper feather head bands. I was actually pretty proud of myself. Well, that was until they came home from school. Jordan, with a scowl on her face, said, "Grammy, we were the only ones in BAGS!" 

So, in a nutshell, this was my experience with sewing clothing. I was happy to play helpless, because I was! 

And now, even my "blog" friends are coming to my rescue!! My friend, Cheri from Pennsylvania, contacted me after my mask tutorial I posted last week. She said that she was sending us two masks. I was so surprised!!

They are pleated in the middle and fit so nicely. 

Thank you Cheri! I have to admit, the one I made out of the napkin was stupid and way too HOT---with 6 layers of heavy fabric, it's no wonder. 

Still, I wore it and would have kept wearing it if a friend hadn't come to my rescue with an unexpected gift!


  1. Hey, I 'know' Cheri - have followed her blog for years! How kind of her to sew you some masks. I'm guessing your sewing may look like this

  2. Glad you liked them Barbara!


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