Thursday, May 7, 2020

Five Happy Things Thursday

It's always kind of hard narrowing it down to just five things, but here goes!

1. Last week, I posted about my friend, Madelyn's mother (also Madelyn)--quarantining in her assisted living facility--Mary Queen of Angels. Well, since they aren't allowed to have visitors, they have been keeping them busy with all kinds of activities while social distancing.
Here she is on Derby Day in her jaunty hat. Derby Day is all about the hats!!! They actually did some horseracing in the hallways too. Again, she's used her mask as a fashion accessory. 
Here she is celebrating Cinco de Mayo. They brought a tiki bar door to door where she was served margaritas and other treats. Notice her face mask is now her chin lifter!
Here, I saved the best for last. She's using her mask as a napkin holder during the ice cream social! Truth be told, I haven't seen a picture yet with her actually wearing the mask. She is so darn cute!!! I can't wait to see her in person soon---I hope!!

2. Butch received his first medal from The Conqueror. He hiked the Inca Trail---26 miles---in two weeks.
The medals are big and heavy---really nice. I can't wait to get our Route 66 one.  We have a few more months to go. Butch is bike riding for that. Between hiking and biking, he did 45 miles last week! The guy is unbelievable. Of course, I'm walking and surpassing my goal, but no where near what he's doing! My Tuesday Thoughts were about goals!

3. Yesterday, we did an Adventure Lab in Franklin. It's another aspect of geo-caching. We went to about 10 different sites looking for all the clues to find the physical cache.
The clues took us all around the Civil War battlefields in Franklin. The views along the way were beautiful. We go to places that we wouldn't ordinarily know anything about. Like this:
 Rusty, the Recycled Factory Man!
So interesting. We just love geo-caching! We learn so much cool stuff. Plus, it's something we can do during this time of staying away from people.

 4. We finished puzzle #7. We probably have not done 7 puzzles in all of our nearly 49 years of marriage!! 
This one was really fun. The doors came together pretty fast. But then, the stone walls between took some time. We've really enjoyed doing them and were a little leery of the one we have left. My sister, Joyce sent us this one at the very beginning.
This looks so hard!!! Stephanie said we might have to break down and dig out those stamp collections yet! 

Luckily, Sandy saved us!! We were surprised to receive this one in the mail.
This is a puzzle with a twist. You are presented with a mystery and have to put the puzzle together to solve it. The problem is that you don't have any idea what the puzzle is going to look like---the picture on the box is NOT it. This could be hard when you don't know what you are doing. Still, it really sounds like fun. It was an early Mother's Day present.

5. And then yesterday, this arrived! 
Garrett's popcorn from Chicago!! OMGosh! We've stood in the popcorn line. Now with the shop in New York, it's always a must on our list of things to do.

 Another Mother's Day surprise from Sandy. She comes up with the best ideas!

Speaking of Mother's Day, we're having a family barbecue and some backyard games. It's going to be too cold to swim, but it's going to be nice, so we'll play "washers" instead. I'm sure there will be a little wager. We're a competitive lot! 
We're also celebrating Morgan's birthday since it falls on Mother's Day this year. 

I hope you have something fun to look forward to on Mother's Day. 

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