Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday Thoughts About....


The definition of "goal" is: the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. I looked it up.

So. We've started this family Route 66 challenge. We each got to set our own goal for the week. I set mine for 10 miles, which is double what I'd been doing before that. Everyone else set their goals from 15-25 miles. Granted, my goal was the lowest, but then I had been the least active of the bunch. 

Each week, so far, I've exceeded my goal. I walk every day---M-F---for at least 2 miles, but with a few added 1/10 of miles each time to exceed my goal. I gave myself the weekends off. 

Now, let's be clear. I Hate it with a capital "H." I've always hated working out---even though I've done it pretty consistently most of my life (except for the sporadic last 10 years or so). I've always done is because I know I NEED to do it. It's good for me. It's good for my health. When the girls were at home, it was good to set a good example. Still I Hate it with a capital "H!"

I decided to participate in the challenge because---ALL of the same reasons above AND I wanted to be a part of what the family is doing. 

Now do I love it? NO! I still Hate it with a capital "H!" 

Butch says I need an attitude adjustment.

"Don't you enjoy just being outside?" Yes, but I'd rather be sitting on the porch swing reading.

"Don't you love hearing the birds singing and chirping?" Well, I might if it weren't for all the d**n mowers!

Soooo, with all of that in mind, this week, I realized that after I had done my normal 2.something miles, Butch was going out hiking. I thought to myself, "self, if I go out again today, I can reach my goal for the week and have THREE days off!" 

Apparently, I wasn't exactly thinking to myself because I must have said that out loud! Butch jumps in, "Barb, you're missing the point! This challenge to get us out doing something EVERY day!" What?? I didn't sign up for that! I want my two days off---at least. If I can't push myself and then take three days off, then I'm not going to!!

So, here's how the week ended. On Friday, I finished 2/10's of a mile away from my goal. I would have preferred to power on---it wouldn't have taken very long at all. Instead, I had Butch's voice in my head. I stopped so I could "save" something for Saturday. 

I went out Saturday and did a short loop which caused me to exceed my goal by 4/10 of a mile! Yippee! Does that make me feel good? No. It just ruined my "looked forward to, extra free day." 

If you set a goal for yourself, but really your goal is to exceed the goal, then isn't exceeding the goal your new goal? 

I don't think I need an attitude adjustment at all. Maybe HE's the one who needs it! 

I'm following the definition of goal to a "t"! I achieve my desired result. That's it.

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