Thursday, May 14, 2020

All About Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day! It was also Morgan's birthday. 

The family came over for a backyard barbecue. It was way too cold to get in the pool, but that didn't keep everyone from doing a little sunbathing.

As for the gifts, I've already shared these:
From Sandy and the family. We've started the puzzle this week. You read the mystery and then put the puzzle together to solve it. 
There's no picture with the puzzle, so it was pretty hard. A lot of brown---a lot! Still, it was so much fun!!! It took us about a week to complete. We loved the kitchen scene and didn't have trouble solving the murder. Butch got it first. I'm a little slower!

She also sent the popcorn. We've waited in that popcorn line in Chicago---the first time to find out what it was all about. Now we can get it in New York too---and has become another tradition when we go there. Soooo, good! And sinful!! Good thing I'm doing so much walking!

From Stephanie and Nicky, I got these cozy slippers. You can read about my thoughts on those here.

The rest of my gift arrived yesterday.
A Pajama Gram!!!
When she told me there was another part to the gift, I should have guessed pajamas because of the slippers! A perfect gift for me! I've been living in slippers for a few months now. And, I've noticed that pajama time has come earlier and earlier each day!!

And then, this arrived from Mindy and Justin:
They had Imo's pizza delivered all the way from St. Louis!!! I've always said, I am not a huge pizza lover---UNLESS it's St. Louis pizza. When this is the pizza you grow up with, nothing else compares!!! There are 4 pizzas! We'll be saving and savoring them!

My girls are so thoughtful in their gifts. They really make an effort to think of things I would like and use. I'm one lucky momma!!! 

I never even gave it a thought about Butch getting me something. But, he surprised me with a box of Russell Stovers chocolates---my all time favorite!!! He knows he can never go wrong with that!! I'm pretty disciplined with it. I'll allow myself one piece a day. That way, it lasts longer. I always save my favorite pieces until last---the cherry nougat and the maple cream! 

It was a really nice Mother's Day! We had a good time together. Everyone contributed to the meal. We put chicken on the grill and I made roasted vegetables. Stephanie brought a big salad and Mindy made dessert--an English Toffee poke cake. Everything was so good. I love my family!!!


  1. Oh what a lovely day! And fun gifts too. I've never seen a murder mystery jigsaw puzzle, I shall have to have a little google search to see if you can get them here too!

  2. It sounds like a wonderful day! Happy Belated Mother's Day!

    That mystery game/puzzle sounds like so much FUN!


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