Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Tuesday Test For You

Who remembers "Highlight" magazine? Our dentist had it in his office. We really liked it. But I'd say, our favorite page was the one where you had to find various items in a busy picture. 

Well, that's what I thought of when Jennifer sent me this picture.
Can you find 5 dogs? Yep five!! My sister, Janice is living with her twin, another of my sisters, Jennifer. She's moving back to St. Louis after 20+ years in Texas. Well, technically, she's moving to Jennifer and Parvez's farm in Salem, MO. She's going to put a house on the property near by. Two of those 5 dogs are hers.

There are also 2 cats roaming around. The twins each have one.
Meet Daisy. She's in quarantine. Not sure if they are keeping her away from the chickens, or the chickens away from her OR if it's really quarantine because of the virus!!
She looks like a chubby little thing!!

All of these dogs make me break out in a cold sweat. I told Jennifer the this was my worse nightmare! I swear, I can smell them from here!!

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