Wednesday, July 27, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday!

Today, I have several random "What I Buy..." things to share.

When we had our meeting about our upcoming safari and were discussing the clothing we needed, I made the statement that I was going to have the cutest hat. Well, here it is:
They recommended a wide brimmed hat due to the hot sun. I did an Amazon search for "safari hats" and this is what popped up. I love it!
It's supposed to be light so that it's not too hot, yet protects you from the sun. This looks like it will work just fine! The strap is needed so that it doesn't blow off while bouncing through the bush!!

The scrapbook supplies that I ordered finally came in.
I bought fall and Christmas. Just bits and bobs, but I couldn't resist. Not that I needed any of it. But we all know that need has nothing to do with it!
This is a travel set. There are a lot of animals too. Surely I'll use at least a couple things when it's time to scrapbook the safari!

So, I've mentioned that Camp Aunt Barb is this week. I'm doing a "mash-up" sort of activity with Survivor and the Amazing Race for the kids. I knew that I wanted to get bandanas for the "tribes." Butch and I went to the dollar store--that no longer is a dollar and found these:
They were $1.50 a pair. That's okay, still worth 75 cents apiece. Unless.... could get them for FREE! Imagine my surprise when I was getting a tablecloth out to use on the patio. I discovered this:
Are you kidding me? I have at least a dozen bandanas. They have been in this cabinet in the laundry room for--oh, maybe 20 years at least. I remember I did some sort of country, cowboy-themed party. I used the cowboy hats as centerpieces with flowers in them. I just didn't remember that I had them. Oh well, at least the new bandanas were only 3 bucks! I think I'm going to have to host another bbq themed party just to get one more use out of this stuff. I have to show that it was worth saving for 20+ years! After that, I'm letting it go!

And finally, this particular purchase by Mindy has just about become a tradition. Each year she tries to find the biggest, most obnoxious pool float just so her dad has one more annoying thing to contend with! This year, it's a giant pair of sunglasses!
Since Butch is gone, she sent him this picture. 

And now for a little history.
2021 was a giant tank that actually shoots water.
2020 was a humongous guitar!
2019--the float that started it all---a giant pink flamingo!
Butch just shakes his head. These things usually only last a year. They are bulky to store and end up dry rotting. Still, it's fun to see what they (and by they, I think it's just Mindy) will come up with! We always get a kick out of it. I'm sure Butch just thinks they are a huge waste of money!

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  1. Ha ha! I love that tradition!
    The hat looks perfect for your trip, ticks all the boxes and looks stylish too!


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