Sunday, July 10, 2022

Something for Sunday

Considering nobody wants entertainment centers anymore, I think this is genius. Plus, it looks like it would be so fun to make!

Love this! Reminds me of the dent and cracked plaster that Mitchell caused with his head as he bounded down the steps. 
I'm sure he saw stars, but I just couldn't resist memorializing it!

I love this so much! 

What an easy and fun project to do with your grandkids. Unfortunately, mine are too old now. But, years ago, we did do Christmas trees with buttons. 
They turned out so cute. All of the grandkids made them--well, except Mitchell. Everyone picked different color schemes. I love that they have a fun decoration from their childhood. Hopefully it will always remind them of me!

Speaking of grandkids, if mine were still little, you can bet we would have made a painted rock village. This is so darn cute!!

Welp, that's it for today!

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