Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts About....

...making the bed!

According to Southern Living magazine, you should NOT make your bed first thing every morning! 

Apparently, we release 10 oz. of assorted bodily toxins while we sleep. Holy smokes! That's a lot---a cup and a quarter! Wow! I never knew that. If that's per person...yuck!

The article goes on to say that if your mattress is not allowed to breathe and given the opportunity for that moisture to evaporate, your mattress will wear out faster and leave you in danger of breeding bacteria and fungi! Ewww, that does sound gross and disgusting. Considering our mattress is over 27 years old, I cannot imagine---nasty! 

Still, I've heard too many sad tales from my friends who got new mattress--es (yes, plural) and hate them. Okay, it's Connie. Isn't it always? They replaced their mattress because they thought they should. Two new mattresses later, they haven't had a good night's sleep since---and that was about 7 or 8 years ago now! 

Well, I didn’t always make my bed every morning. 

My friends and I were talking about “secrets” that no one knew about us a few years ago. I confessed about my bed-making habits or lackadaisical approach. Oh My Gosh! You’d of thought I said that I sneak out at midnight to kill an animal or something. They slut shamed me. Yes, my friends who are supposed to love me no matter what, actually slut shamed me! Okay, maybe I’m not using that term correctly, but whatever the term would be for a person who doesn’t make her bed daily who gets shamed about it constantly!  And someone brings it up EVERY TIME (okay, not every) we are together—it’s some kind of shaming! Ever since that conversation, I’ve made my bed EVERY DAY. Well, almost.

Now, I have the perfect excuse to go back to my old ways. 

One thing I know for sure, I may be a little lazy in the bed making department (once a week at most), but I’d put my cabinets and closets up against the best of them! Come at me Home Edit!

Oh, and yes, I just did this:

I bought baskets at the Dollar Store. Did you know that you can't find much for a dollar anymore? Yeah, I guess they need to change their name to the $1.25 Store. It doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Anyway, I bought the baskets for $1.25. I made some cute labels--saw it somewhere on the web--except I used my scrapbook supplies to make them cuter with flower eyelets, bakers twine and a cute font.

So there! Add my clean and organized freezer to the list of things I'm NOT lazy about!

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