Sunday, July 31, 2022

Something for Sunday

Have you heard about...
...the "Coastal Grandmother" style? Coastal Grandmother is about utilizing what you have available to you in the form of heirlooms and mixing it with elements that encourage relaxation and calm. 

Well, doesn't that sound just dandy! Like every "old" person's house? When you are old, so is your stuff! Our homes and furniture are already broken in, so that's where the relaxation and comfort comes in. Add a scented candle, soft music, and voila'--coastal grandmother!

So, if you are not of the age, but want to get the look, you are supposed to use a neutral color palette with a mix of antique and modern pieces. Add a combination of textures like mohair, linen, boucle, and nubby knits. I think I've accomplished it with several rooms in my house:
Lots of texture on the bed with a few antiques in a neutral color palette.
Linen draperies--light and airy.
Antique mirrors mixed with modern touches. 
The same linen that was used in the drapes was used for the shade. 

There should be loads of detail and--get this--maximalism! What, maximalism? That sounds like a "made up" word if I've ever heard one! Obviously, it's the opposite of minimalism. I guess that makes sense. I've been preaching for years that our kids don't want our stuff. They are the "minimalists." Turns out the "grands" do! They are the "maximalists"! See, I can make up new words too!

"They" (and I don't know who "they" are) are calling it the "grandmillennial" trend. Basically, I guess that translates to the grandmother of a millennial. Call it what you will--I'm just glad to have "grands" that might want my stuff!

Apparently, I've gone from a "baby boomer" to a "grandmillennial." Is there anything left? Maybe a "greatgrandmillennial!" Surely I have to be really old for that!!

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  1. I've never heard of Coastal Grandmother style, but I like the sound of it!


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