Sunday, July 24, 2022

Something for Sunday

So yesterday, I met my friends for a movie and a late lunch/early dinner. On the way to pick up Connie and Analise, I just had to stop when I saw this roadside stand. A couple of young starving artists were selling their pictures. I pulled over and approached the stand. The little boy said, "Do you have money?"  To which I responded, "Yes, I have a lot of money!"

He asked if I liked the earth. I said "yes." I went to my wallet for money. I handed over $5.00. for this one-of-a kind crayon picture.

After I paid, the little girl asked if I was going to buy one of her pictures. Well of course, I said yes! I couldn't NOT buy her picture.
I'm not sure how I get myself into these predicaments. I spent 10 bucks on two little starving artists' pictures. I asked them to sign their work.
Look really close--can you see the little boy's signature?
His name is "Hawk!" OMGosh! Considering my obsession with hawks after yesterday's post, it seemed pretty fortuitous to me! What are the odds?
I'm not quite sure what the little girl's name was. Kind of hard to tell by her signature!

I wanted to take a picture of those cute little artists but decided that the parents might think it was a little creepy. I had a fun conversation with those littles for a few minutes. Their math skills weren't all that great, but then, they were only about 4 years old. The mom thanked me for supporting their "small business." Indeed, I did! 

I love little entrepreneurs! Especially ones who don't mind standing out on a hot, oppressively humid 99-degree day!

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