Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Tuesday Thoughts About...

Hanging up my bike! 
Okay, technically, it's already hung up. It's been hanging here for about, I don't know, 5-7 years. Even when I was riding it, I never got off the driveway. I was working up to the street. I was having a problem turning without falling. I had it down---I turned right next to the landscape bed for a softer surface rather than the knee, tearing aggregate driveway--because I fell every time! There just wasn't enough room to turn.

I actually forgot about bike riding when I broke my ankle a while back. But this was going to be the year. I was determined to get back on the bike. Butch bikes. I wanted to be able to do that with him. Now, I know I could never keep up with him, but my plan was that we would start off together. Then he could go on at his own speed. Sort of when he biked and I walked. I had him call me when he was ready to turn around. That way we would meet back at the car around the same time. No, that didn't really work. He always beat me back to the car. 

Anyway, I was actually looking forward to biking. 

I decided to give up my biking dream when one of my high school friends posted a picture of herself all banged up from falling off her bike. She broke her shoulder and collar bone and banged up her knee. She also had a cut on her head from her helmet. Considering she is a biker, swimmer, and hiker, it was shocking to see. She said that she had had her bike in the shop for a tune-up. When she picked it up, she noticed that the seat was a little higher than usual. Instead of re-adjusting it, she went on about her way. Ultimately, it caused her fall. 

But, it wasn't just her fall that caused me to re-think my own biking. It was all the comments. Oh my gosh! It was one accident after another. The comments were like an old folks horror. That's when I realized--once again--I'm 70! I have no business getting back on a bike. I don't need any reasons to have a fall. I'm already a stumbling, tripping accident waiting to happen. So hang up the bike I will. I don't need to take any chances. 

I hope I haven't just jinxed myself. 

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  1. Wise decision. And maybe Butch isn't remembering to call you until he's 1/2 way back - he's 70 too, right? (wink, wink)


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