Friday, July 8, 2022

Friday Frustrations

So, one more thing that isn't working properly around here is our sprinkler system. Now keep in mind, that we pay at the beginning of each season to start up the sprinkler system and to shut it down in the fall. Part of that service is checking out each "zone" and making sure it's working properly.

The tip-off that all was not well is when we see the grass and flowers drying up and dying in a particular area. 

Let me start by saying that years ago, 27 to be exact--when we moved into this house, Butch and I painstakingly went through the entire system and labeled each zone. I had that list taped to the inside of the control box. That's been long gone as we've upgraded the system over the years. You would think that when the new box was installed, someone would have moved the list. But, no, that didn't happen. 

So now all these years later, I have a problem. We've had the same company handling everything since the beginning. Craig sent his guy out. Still, it wasn't working. I insisted he give me a zone chart so we could manually control the area that didn't seem to be getting enough water. 

I called Craig and said, "I have spent a lot of money with you over the years doing every single thing you recommended, including the landscape lighting, replacing and upgrading our system to the one you operate from an app on your phone. I need that zone list." He said that he'd get it to me.

This is what his guy left!
OMGosh! This thing is totally useless! I sent Craig this picture and told him it was totally useless! 

So, I convinced Butch that we just needed to do it again ourselves. He wasn't so happy about it as it's really hot! I suggested we take our gin & tonics out with us and just get started. It took about 45 minutes, but when we were done, it was done right.
Each zone is clearly labeled. We were able to identify the zone where we had the problem. And, as we suspected, it was not working! But you can believe that it was fixed immediately the next day!

Oh! And all those blank zones? Well, those are the ones that the neighbor's tree planters tore out! We have to get those fixed, but it's going to be a big deal. The guys planting the trees had to know they were tearing out sprinkler system pipes. The neighbor said that they were on their property. 

Sheesh, it's all so frustrating. I just want everything to work the way it's supposed to!!

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  1. Oh this is a cautionary tale. I have often wished that I had just created a household binder with this kind of information in it. I started one when we built the house but just did not maintain it. I probably need to go back and try to recreate it. (With daquiris instead of g&t's of course.) For example, the last time I cleaned out the utility closet I thought again, for the hundredth time, it would be nice to have an inventory of light bulbs types/sizes.


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