Monday, July 18, 2022

Monday Mystery

I want to start off by saying that we keep a pretty neat, clean, and organized house. We keep things pretty orderly and clean as we go along. We don't leave messes. We clean up right away. I'm not saying that there isn't occasionally a mess--I'm just saying that we don't leave it a mess!

So how in the world does Margarita use 13--yes thirteen--cleaning rags each week? 
I don't really get it. Now I could understand 5 or 6---but only because it's not unusual for her to leave the rags around the house as she cleans. Seriously, does she not get to another room and think, "What happened to the rag I was just using?" Apparently not.

And another mystery. I noticed now and then that Margarita uses her own vacuum cleaner. We have a central vac system--which we love. It's really so easy and convenient. Plus, I have another hose upstairs so you don't even have to drag it around the house. 

Then I noticed this:
I have a little closet in the back hallway that holds cleaning supplies, the vacuum hose, wet mop and hanging tablecloths. I don't go in this closet very often. Recently, when I did, I noticed Margarita's vacuum in there. Since when did it move in? That's a mystery for sure. 

I know, shut up Barb, first-world problems. Not complaining, just wondering!


  1. I bet Margarita is thinking to herself 'I wonder how long it will take for Barbara to realise what I've put in that cupboard'!

  2. Oh I'd buy dozens of brand new pretty rags and clear a whole closet for Margarita if she would come clean my house every week. But I know that you count her and her stuff among your blessings.


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