Saturday, July 30, 2022

A Few Things

1. Let me start by saying that 1822 Denim are my favorite jeans.
I also love the tags that are on the jeans. They are really thing with heavy string and a metal eyelet. I figured out a way to use them for my scrapbook pages. I used a couple stickers to cover the 18. Depending on the page I'm doing, I'll use my labelmazer to cover the "denim" part. That's what I call "free" scrapbook supplies!

2. I don't understand how you can move an oversize load on a two way street without anyone stopping the traffic. What ended up happening was that we were stopped on our side for soooo long. This is a busy road. No one is going to just stop and pull over so you can get through. 
I was really annoyed. Finally, the "oversize load" truck in front of me pulled in to the lane of oncoming traffic and started moving up past the wide load. It took quite awhile to get through. Poor planning if you ask me. Very poor. Especially on a very busy road like this!

3. Ya' gotta' love it when your son-in-law is a cook and remembers you when he makes something.
He knows how much I love French onion soup. I told him that I felt almost like a traitor by saying that his soup was better than my mom's recipe! It really was. 

4. We have the most interesting insects in our yard.

I don't know anything about insects. I don't even know how to go about looking them up. This one appears to have white pearl-like things on his back. Hey, wait a minute. I'll look it up like that. OMGosh! The first thing that popped up was a page full of gross looking bugs! Then I refined the search by changing "insect" to caterpillar. It popped right up! It's called a "White marked Tussock Moth." The white things are larvae. Ick. I'm not really an insect lover. I can appreciate an unusual looking one, but I don't like 'em!

5. This guy.
He absolutely cannot sit still or relax! He rarely gets in the pool. Mostly, when the family is here, the girls will convince him to get in. Even at that, he found some work to do. Me, I'm happy to just float for hours! Or until I have to get out and make food!

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  1. I like using clothing tags on layouts too! That soup does look yummy.


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