Monday, July 11, 2022

Monday Mystery

The mystery of the missing check. Here's the story:

Last week, I told Butch that I needed money to pay for our family safari in September. Now don't misunderstand. I handle all of our family finances. He has his business account which we let build up until we need it. Sooo, that's the account we use for unexpected things like taxes (okay, not so unexpected) or trips (which we're having a lot of these days). 

The next day, I reminded him that I needed to make a deposit. He insisted that he had already given me the check. To which I said, "No you di'int!" He proceeded to show me exactly where he laid the check. I said, "we'll ask Mindy. That girl has an eagle eye. She doesn't miss a thing." She and Justin had been over the day before to hang at the pool with us. I was certain that the check was not where he said it was because Mindy would have noticed for sure. 

Of course, she verified that there was no check. Butch kept insisting. He pulled out the recycle bag and went through every last piece of paper in there. I looked in his office, certain that he had not brought it down. He showed me that he had written the check because he had entered it in his check register. That doesn't mean anything. That doesn't mean that he actually brought it downstairs and put it where he said he did. 

We went back and forth. I said, "Let's retrace your steps." Instead, he kept insisting that I did something with it. He has a way that can almost convince me. It reminds me of the time that a license plate was missing. He was certain that I had done something with it. He was so convincing that I remember seeing it in my mind's eye. The only thing I could think of was that it got mixed in with newspapers that were going to recycle. Yeah, that's it. A few days later, he gets a call from the dealership asking him when he plans to pick up the plate! What? We never had it to begin with! Sheesh!

Back to the case of the missing check. He started going through the trash. After a bit, he yelled "Bingo!" Okay, that's weird, he didn't do that. But, he found it:
between two Macy's bags. Slightly crumpled. That's when I realized what had happened. He brought the mail in and put it on top of the check. How was I to know? Yes, I'm the one who went through the mail. I'm the one who threw those plastic bags in the trash. But I'm not the one who put the mail on top of the check! Not my fault. No, uh uh. Not my fault. Still he said, "I accept your apology!" I said, "No, I didn't give it!" Wasn't my fault. 

I'm pretty sure a jury would land on my side on this one! 

At least the mystery was solved. 

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