Sunday, April 26, 2020

What We're Doing

Hey All! I hope you've had a great week! We certainly have.

Lots of normal stuff---walking, talking and listening to podcasts (me) and hiking and biking (him). We finished another puzzle:
This one was so much fun! Mindy surprised us by having it sent to us. She had it made through Snapfish from one of our pictures from Liverpool. We were at Strawberry Field (In case you can't quite read it in the graffiti. It took us about 2 weeks. We don't work on puzzles every day. When we do, it's only for about an hour at a time. Just enough to keep it fun!

On Wednesday, we did an Adventure Lab through Woodlawn Cemetery. It was a two mile walk around the cemetery taking us to 5 different famous graves.
 The biggest monument was to George Jones---I love the tribute to his most famous song: "He stopped loving her today." Pretty appropriate. 
We noticed this one in the same area as George's grave. It wasn't part of our tour, but we checked it out anyway. Butch noticed the Tennessee Titans logo on the bench. It's the memorial to Rob Bironas---our kicker who tragically died in an auto accident a few years ago. (Look at me---acting like I know football by saying "our" kicker!). 
This is Lynne Anderson's rose garden---a columbarium. We did not see her grave so were unsure if she's actually buried here. She must be---because otherwise, why would they name this after her?
Eddie Arnold---a little too "old timey" country music for me. We also went by Marty Robbins grave too. I love country music, but I don't even know what these two look like or their songs. Well, barely---since I learned about them in Ken Burns "History of Country Music." Side note: even if you don't like country music, you will love this series! We learned so much. Did you know that country music was the precursor for pop and rock?

We stopped along the way and looked at other graves. Then we stumbled upon this:
Tucked way back in the cemetery is a little village. As it turns out, these building were moved here from Antioch. They are part of an original settlement from the 1700's.
This springhouse dates back to the 1800's. I guess "they" (whoever they are) decided this would be a good place to relocate those cabins. We wandered around and crossed a little foot bridge.

There were these gigantic carp---probably 25 lbs. Butch didn't think they could live in such cold water.

There were a lot of ducks here too---some pretty unusual ones.

It was a beautiful day although a little overcast and a great way to get some miles in. You know how we love exploring unusual places. Afterwards, we drove through White Castle for lunch. 

We had our family "Zoom" happy hour (or two) on Friday night. We just love that and may want to keep it in place even after this is all over! We can still meet in person but we want to be able to include Sandy and family and Jordan and Vangelis. That makes me so happy. 
 We continued our happy hour on the front porch. 

As far as other activities, we're just about finished with "The Stranger" on Netflix. That's really good. I also watched "The English Game" on PBS Passport. On Sundays nights on PBS, two new series have just started: "World on Fire" and "Baptiste." Both are on Masterpiece Theater. "Baptiste" is on Masterpiece Mystery. We're also watching "All American" on Netflix. You know I love everything British! ("Baptiste" takes place in Amsterdam, but a murder was committed in England. Don't know the "tie in" yet). 

Something  NOT to waste your time on is the movie, "By the Sea." It stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It's a very slow, quiet movie with little dialog. I didn't like it. When I finished and went to remove it from my Netflix list, I noticed it only had 1.5 stars out of 5. No wonder I never heard of it! I need to pay attention to those stars from now on. What a waste of 2 hours. Well, I did get some stitching done.

I finished Stephen King's The Institute this week. It was really good too. I love Stephen King's style of writing---always have---so descriptive---sometimes too descriptive. This one isn't scary, but rather a little disturbing. It wouldn't be SK if it weren't! 
One day, I went over to Connie's to stitch. It was a gorgeous, sunny day, so we sat on the deck for about an hour. Then I realized I didn't have any sunscreen, so we moved to the porch. Analise was there. She took a break from her "home schooling" to visit a bit. I always love teasing her---she's such a good sport! She has decided that she's not going to have a boyfriend for the rest of her high school years. Yeah, right! She's only a sophomore. We'll see how long that resolve lasts!

As for stitching, I picked up a couple things I ordered from Nashville Needleworks. I'll share that on "What I Buy Wednesday." Doing my part to keep these small businesses running. I don't want to lose this one for sure!

Other than that, I've been catching up on some computer stuff---blog reading, articles, videos and lots of other stuff I've had on my "reading list" for months. I probably another 50 articles to go!!

Oh, and I got a postcard from our Route 66 challenge---from Springfield, Illinois. 
Notice that old stamp? This challenge is so much fun!! Our family is killin' it! Overachievers every one!! 

That's about it for our week. Hope yours was good!

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  1. Love that jigsaw! What a fun idea.
    You certainly find some interesting places to walk around - do you have any restrictions as to how long you can be out or how far you can go over there? We're only supposed to have one hour of exercise out of the house and you aren't supposed to drive anywhere to do that exercise, you have to stay in your own neighbourhood area. We're so lucky to have a country park quite literally five minutes from our front door.


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