Monday, April 27, 2020

A Few Things....

....making me happy right now.
 My favorite cousin, bff, Chrissy sent me this picture. She celebrated her 67th birthday on Friday. We've always had so much fun together---especially our teen years!
 She sent me her purse count. Just 10 because she had cleaned out recently.
 And a single tote. That blows me away! 
 My "go to" lunch these days---grilled cheese. I do love it with tomato soup. If I make the soup, I don't have the chips and pickles. Quick and easy. I used to make them once in awhile for breakfast when the girls were little.
 Somebody sent me this picture and I thought it was so cute!! I've never seen baby ostriches.
I don't know who Gretchen is, but she lives in my neighborhood. I'm so glad that the high schools are still doing this. At least it's a small way to celebrate graduation. There were two other signs in the neighborhood--all different schools. Above is Father Ryan High School. There was also one from Brentwood Academy and Brentwood High School. Our neighborhood is pretty small, I think about 40 houses. I wonder if these teens know each other.
My friend, Susan sent me this gorgeous shot of her clematis. Such a beautiful color and so many blooms. 

I agree with this sentiment! Hats off to our little nurse, Morgan. We're so proud of her! Besides her job at the hospital, she's working on her master's degree. She got an "A" for the semester!! 

I made some poppyseed muffins and decided to give some away. These pretty little plates from the dollar store are perfect to make a happy little gift.

Those are just some of the things making me happy right now. By the time you are reading this, we will have completed our "unhappy" job of the week---our house cleaning. The only thing that makes it bearable is Butch working with me!!

I hope you have a lot of little things making you happy this week.

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