Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Travel Tuesday

For the next couple of months, while we are unable to do any "real" traveling, my travel posts will be related to the Route 66 challenge that we've embarked upon. At least until we reach Oklahoma City, because that's as far as we've gotten---physically. At the rate we're going, it may only be another couple weeks. As it is, we've traveled all the way through Illinois this week. We're about ready to enter St. Louis!

I was so happy when Butch sent these pictures to the family after our first week. We traveled over 200 miles so far, making our way through Illinois. This gave the family an idea of what they would have seen if they had actually been there.

Dell Rheas Chicken Basket, Joliet, Illinois--We had dinner here as it was supposed to be the BEST fried chicken. Personally, we found it too greasy.

The Gemini Giant, Wilmington, Illinois--the only thing I remember about this was that I was tired, hungry and crabby by the time we got here. 

Texaco Gas Station, Dwight, Illinois--this place was amazing! It actually had a little museum inside. There is a worldwide map on the wall where you can add a pushpin where you are from. I was amazed at how many Europeans had been there. It was so spotless too---not like what you remember gas stations to be.

Standard Oil Gas Station, Odell, Illinois---There are a lot of old gas stations along Route 66.

I'm so glad they have kept and restored them to their former glory! They are just so quaint. Each one is so unique. Not too far from here was where we were able to get on a one mile stretch of the actual, original road---brick and bumpy! Still an experience.

 The original mother road! Only a mile and a half stretch remains---all brick.
It was quite the bumpy ride. I cannot imagine actually riding on this all the way to California!

I love that Butch is taking the time to make this so much fun for everybody. He makes any trip FUN!! He spends hours doing the research to ensure that we do not miss a single thing. We've found that often, we like the littler, unknown things almost better than the big tourist attractions! So even though the rest of the family hasn't actually taken this trip, they can enjoy the sights virtually!

I don't know how long it will take us to get to Oklahoma. But one thing is for sure---it will be a fun trip! After that, it will be a dry spell as that's as far as we've gotten on the Route. We had planned to do the Albequerque leg in March, but canceled that trip due to the current circumstances. We have tentatively re-set that trip for October. 

We'll be finished with the family challenge by then. At least this first part of the trip will allow us to relive some fun memories of traveling along Route 66!

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  1. Here in the UK we have a couple of 'celebrity chefs' called 'The Hairy Bikers' who travelled Route 66 for a tv series recently
    I don't know if you can view it over there but you may find it interesting to compare your journey with theirs!


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