Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easter Catch Up

Hey all! I hope you had a great Easter. Considering it was rainy, crappy weather all day, ours was pretty fun.

We started with Easter Mass, via the internet from St. Patrick's Cathedral. I can't say I loved it because the woman singing made me have that feeling like nails on chalkboard. Very grating to my nerves---and, of course, it was a High Mass---which meant EVERYTHING was sung!! At least we did our Easter duty!

I couldn't decide what to cook so instead, ordered from Mere Bulles. That restaurant is temporarily closed, but their sister restaurant, Green Hills Grille was cooking their Easter menu. I picked it up curbside---so easy.

It's kind of hard cooking for just two people. I've cut many recipes in half and still have leftovers. That's okay. I am trying to freeze more things, so we'll see how that works out.

Sandy sent me these photos from their Easter:
 Elizabeth and Victoria with their "Peeps" pillows!

The whole family.

 I got a few cute Easter pictures of the "littles" to share.
 My nephew, Zachary and Reese.

Reese with her baby brother, Nolan.
I think he's only about 3 month old, but he looks so grown up!
Josie and Evie. I don't know if these stuffed critters have treats inside or not. My niece, Jackie made their t-shirts.

Nathan and Travis. I'm not sure what they have---looks like some sort of egg holder.

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  1. What lovely photos - Nolan especially is adorable, just look at him in his little bow tie - gorgeous!


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