Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday Mystery

I've been wondering where this was for 32 years!
My green kitchen towel! Well, it turned up today.

Here's the story:
On Friday, we made our plan for the weekend. I said that I felt bad that we weren't really accomplishing anything chore related while quarantining. We decided that on Sunday, we'd clean the front porch--more on that tomorrow.

I convinced Butch that we also needed to start on the garage. He was really not up for it as he's been procrastinating that for too long. I figured if I helped, we could at least get started. Don't get me wrong. The last thing I want to do is clean out the garage. Years ago, with my organization business, I drew the line at attics (after doing one), basements and garages. They are so dirty and "buggy." But he is helping me with the house cleaning, so I guess it's only fair.

"Just the closet," I said. Reluctantly, he agreed.

Well, we started at the top. I knew that just about everything in there could be disposed of. We haven't used any of it in 20 years!

Then there was this:
OMGosh! Our bowling balls---we got them 48 years ago! He told me that he had gotten rid of mine at least 20 years ago. It even came up recently with the girls about our bowling balls and that he had gotten rid of mine. I was pretty mad about that as he also got rid of my stenograph machine. After graduating from high school in 1970, I went to business school to study to be a court reporter. Once I got in to scrapbooking, I wanted to tell that story and use my machine for the journaling. He confessed that he had also gotten rid of that too. What??? He got rid of my stuff, but kept his!!
I loved my bowling ball. It's red, white and blue---kind of a drippy paint look. I was happy to see it.
Then he opened his bag---and low and behold, there was my kitchen towel!!
 We came across this too. We didn't know whether it was Jordan's or Morgan's tackle box.
 I texted them to see if they wanted it. Morgan does!! That girl is sentimental for sure! In fact, several years ago, when she saw Butch's mounted bass in the pile going to Good Will, she wanted it. She has it hanging in her apartment. She said it's a great conversation piece. That makes us happy. I have no idea what she has planned for her little tackle box.

And then there was this:
In the corner on the floor, there was tons of mulch and leaves. Butch said it was a mouse "nest" or whatever they call their home. Right above that was a big hole where there were wires having to do with our satellite or speakers or something. That's where they got in. Ewww, yuck! This is the exact reason I don't like to clean garages! I backed away and Butch cleaned it out.
By the time we finished, the closet was nearly empty. The top shelf contains beach umbrellas and chairs that we're going to take to our place at the beach. They'll stay here for now. On the second shelf is half of a tent---don't really know what that means. Plus we NEVER camp---only did it once or twice in 48 years. Still, he didn't want to get rid of it. On the right is his first tackle box. He won't get rid of that either. On the third shelf there's a box of "stuff" from our master bath remodel from 2017. Well, you never know when we might need something---books, extra hardwire, etc.

I was feeling pretty good about it. We were getting rid of so much. I left to get in the shower while Butch finished cleaning up the "mousey" mess. I went back out and noticed this:
Somehow a bunch of stuff made its way back. I don't even remember what's in that white container. The gold tub contains aquarium stuff that we'd agreed could go since we do not plan to have another. Butch did say he wanted to check the attic to see if there was an aquarium up there. If so, he wanted to keep all this together to take to Good Will. But, I know him. It's back in this closet permanently. The bottom shelf has the beach toys that we plan to take to the beach so our renters can steal them. We have bought so many beach toys only to have them disappear. Actually, I don't think people steal them. I think they are too lazy to bring them back from the beach!

Anyway, we accomplished a lot yesterday. I can't wait to continue with the garage. I have big plans.

But in the meantime, I'm so happy to have that kitchen towel back. Just kidding. It will be turned in to a rag now. But at least the mystery is solved!

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  1. How great to find that the long lost bowling ball hadn't been thrown away after all! Good luck with the garage - who knows what you may find in there?!!!


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