Sunday, April 19, 2020

What We're Doing

I decided to forget about the "what we're eating" posts since I've pretty much returned to my normal, boring cooking. I only tried one new recipe this week and it was the cake I posted earlier. I thought it was just okay. I used the yellow cake mix with blueberry pie filling. I felt like it needed frosting, but the recipe didn't call for frosting.****

I did make shrimp scampi, but I made that up and it turned our really good. I just used butter, white wine, garlic and fresh lemon juice. I cooked the shrimp in the sauce just until they pinked up. I served it over spaghetti. That was really good. 

I've been craving tuna casserole. Butch hates it. I offered to make it and share it with Steph and Mindy. They both turned me down. However, Nicky want some! I can also try freezing some. From now on, if I make something new, I'll just add it to a post. 

Now, on to what we've been doing. The biggest thing is that our family has decided to participate in a virtual challenge. We've decided to do Route 66. It's 2280 miles. You can run, hike, swim, bike or walk. There are 8 of us--Butch and I, Sandy and Greg, Stephanie and Nicky and Mindy and Justin. We've each set a goal of how many miles we're going to contribute each week to accomplish the goal. According to Butch's projections, we'll be able to do it in 21 weeks. At the end, we will each earn a medal. The cool thing about this challenge is that each time you log your miles at the website, you can actually go to the street view and watch in real time, what you've just walked past!! Of course I'll be walking. I've set my pace at 10 miles per week. Up until taking this challenge, I'd really only been walking about 5 miles a week. Sooo, I'll still be doing some walking and talking---for sure! I'm so glad the weather is beautiful right now.

Speaking of Route 66, I have an apology to make. I LOVE everything Route 66. Butch and I have really enjoyed the actual parts of Route 66 we've done so far. We loved the puzzle we recently did. I gave Butch a Route 66 shirt for Christmas (no, it's not gaudy---it's really cool). We have Route 66 books---several. You get the picture. I love it all.

On to the apology. I mentioned on a previous post about the Route 66 game that we played. Now, it is not unusual for me to put my foot in my mouth, but I did it really good this time! On our Friday happy hour via Zoom...
...the Route 66 game came up again as I had inadvertently given it to Stephanie thinking it was the puzzle. I went on to open my mouth and insert foot--by saying what a dumb game it was. I had forgotten that Justin gave me the game for Christmas. Actually, I thought I had given it to Butch! Obviously a senior mental slip! Anyway, I was very sorry to have hurt his feelings. That was such a thoughtful gift---which is still the most important part. He always gives thoughtful gifts. You just never know if a game is going to be good or not, so it's really not on the "giver" anyway! Nevertheless, I love Justin and would never purposely hurt his feelings I'm pretty sure he'll give me a "pass" for being "old!" Truth be told, just about every person in this family could share a similar story like this! So there it is, my public apology. I know how to spell S O R R Y!

Aside from all the walking (hiking and biking for Butch), I had a Zoom lunch with my friends. We've done it for the past two weeks and plan to continue. It's fun to "visit" with them. None of us have any really big news as we're all staying home, but it's good for a lot of laughs. 

I did invite Connie and Nancy A. over to stitch on the patio one morning. That was easy to do by social distancing. 

Butch and I took a ride out to Bill and Nancy E.'s to return that wooden puzzle. We had a really nice visit on their back porch and pool deck. I was able to get a few pictures of her "girls."

Nancy sent us home with another dozen farm fresh eggs. I got a blue AND a green one this time! They are so pretty! I never really thought about eggs being pretty, but these are. I love all the different shades---not to mention the taste! There is a big difference.

That's about it for us. I'm still doing a lot of reading, watching different series, a little scrapbooking and puzzle making. I should be doing more stitching, but I really haven't done much. I got a call from Nashville Needleworks yesterday that something I ordered is ready for pick up. They are delivering to your car the store is closed. That should give me incentive to finish up what I'm working on.

Hope y'all are staying safe and enjoying this time at home. We need to stay the course for awhile longer!

****Update: I gave some of the cake to Stephanie. She said that she put it in the microwave for 15 seconds and then put frosting on it. She said it was delicious.

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