Wednesday, April 8, 2020

What I Buy Wednesday

I haven't really bought anything this week. But, a couple weeks ago, I went in on a gift with my sisters for our niece, Andrea's baby shower. As it turns out, we had to cancel it because of the Coronavirus. It would have been this past weekend.

Our sister-in-law, Janet had a really good idea. Since the shower had to be cancelled, she organized a parade so everyone invited could drop their gifts off during the time the shower would have been. Of course I wouldn't be able to attend since it was in St. Louis.
 They all met in a parking lot to decorate the cars and parade through the neighborhood.
My sister, Jeanne, sent me a video of the cars going through, honking and stopping to drop off the gifts. Everybody stayed far away from each other---well except when a dog jumped in Janet's car. I'm not quite sure who the dog belonged to, but it was Johnny who retrieved it. Maybe they have a dog.
 Andrea was so surprised that she cried!

Here's the happy family! Logan, Andrea and Johnny. Baby Rosalee is due in May (I think---can't keep everything straight).
 This is the baby's room.

The only thing left to be delivered is the chest of drawers. I love the chandelier.

I'm so glad Janet thought of surprising Andrea with a parade since she couldn't have a proper shower.

In fact, I like that idea so much, I think we should do it this way from now on. I like the idea of a "drive-by shower!" It would certainly be faster!!


  1. What a fantastic, original idea - so much fun!

  2. Awesome! Will be keeping this idea tucked away just in case this all lasts so long that we can't do Becca's wedding shower!


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