Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday Mystery

Okay, I've admitted many, many times that I have a multiples problem. Although, as of late, I really do think I have it under control. What I didn't know was that a lot of people have multiples problems. It's a mystery to me that many of them have condiment problems. I really don't understand that.

Remember a couple weeks ago, I posted the canned soup challenge? Well, yesterday, my sister, Joyce, who only had 10 cans of soup sent me this:
 Her text said, "Apparently, I'm worried about running out of ketchup!" I responded, "OMGosh!" She send this on a group text, so one thing lead to another. From Jeanne:
 She said, "I guess I am too!! Double OMGosh! Then from Janet:
 "Well, no ketchup here, only mayonnaise!"

You have got to be kidding me!!! I really couldn't believe this. I do not have a condiment problem! What is that anyway?? (Side note, I did have quite a few bottles of steak sauce a few months ago, but now I'm down to just one extra. In my defense, Connie had about 6 and gave me one or two of hers. Hmmm, I guess a lot of people have condiment problems after all.)

Jennifer chimed in with this:
"We have the most beans and lentils!" Uhh, yes you do. Her husband is from Pakistan. They eat a lot of beans and rice.

Then I was telling my cousin, Chrissy about this whole multiples thing. She sent me this:
When she told her husband to pick up a Mounds bar for her while at the pharmacy, he bought ALL they had!

I told them they were killing me!! Then I went to see if I had any crazy multiples at the moment. I couldn't even count the soup since I used 4 cans last week and another couple this week so far. But, I did find this:
I told them I "win" for having the oldest thing! Look close, or enlarge the page. It's a jar of marshmallow ice cream topping from July 21, 1947. I wasn't even born yet! Obviously we threw it out. (Okay, the actual expiration date was 2018---still threw it out). I was just messing with them. I doubt they even had marshmallow topping that you could buy in 1947.

It's still a bit of a mystery to me about condiment problems. It's not like if you are starving, you'll be sustaining yourself with condiments! So, I challenge you to check your pantry and let me know about your condiment situation or if you have any other crazy amounts of things.

PS After I typed up this post, Butch got home after picking up a few things at the grocery store. I noticed TWO of these:
I asked him if Kroger had a BOGO sale (buy one get one). He said "no, but I figured you'd want to know why I only bought a pack with 18 wipes!" Uh, no I woooddnnnttt! I don't intend to be cleaning my house long enough to use the 18!!

Maybe, just maybe, Butch has a teeny multiples problem too!

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  1. Well, Chrissy (and her husband) are the smart ones. I think the thing about condiments is that we can remember we were almost out, but never remember the restocking. I will admit to being overstocked on salad dressings but all different kinds, not duplicates. And I am taking the 5th on what might be in the case in the craft room.


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