Wednesday, April 22, 2020

What I Buy Wednesdays---the purse challenge

This week, it's about purses. I haven't bought any purses in quite awhile now. I love a nice purse. Kate Spade is my favorite designer. I have a couple Coach purses, but only because I liked the size. 

Let's talk about purse habits. I tend to carry two main purses---one for winter and one for summer. Occasionally, I'll swap out to a color, but just for a day or two. I'm funny about wanting things to match. 

I only use crossbody purses these days---I like to say I prefer that so I can have my hands free to catch myself when I fall! But really, it started with my hives years ago. Carrying a purse on my arm too long would cause a hive reaction. Anyway, now-a-days, crossbody style is all I wear. Sooooo.....

....on to the challenge. Just like the shoe challenge and the soup challenge, now it's time for the purse challenge.

I'll start with my own count. 
 I thought I had 8 purses. I actually had 12 counting the one I'm currently carrying. 
 As for my totes, I thought I had 8 and only had 5! That's a first---that I thought I had more than I really have. That includes my beach bag on the left. That's a duffel on the far right. I didn't get rid of any purses or totes with this inventory as I still use them all.
Connie thought she had 12 purses (I thought she had more and definitely more than me) and she actually had 14. Only 2 more than me. As for totes, she guessed 6 and had 6.
Karolyn started off by saying that she doesn't really care about purses and shoes. Still, she thought she had 8 purses. The final count was 13. I'm sure she'll be shocked to find that she has more than me!!
As for totes, Karolyn thought she had 5 but really had 9. 
Sandy is the one who came up with this idea to count our purses. She had---ding, ding, ding---we have a winner!---26 purses! She also has 10 totes!

Next up is my niece, Jackie. This girl knows what she has. She thought she had 9 purses and 1 tote. She actually had 10 purses and 1 tote. Not sure how you can only have 1 tote, but for Jackie, I guess I'm not really surprised. She has some minimalist tendencies!

My sister-in-law, Janet (Jackie's mom) had 9 purses and 6 totes. She said she was happy to eliminate one purse.

Nancy A. thought she had 8 purses but had 12. As for totes, she guessed 4 but had 7. 

Other than Janet, no one reported getting rid of any. That includes me. I go through my purses when I clean out my closet---about once a year in January. When you consider I only carry 2 neutral color purses most of the year, you'd think I could weed out a few more. I should really consider that. Now that I think about it, I do have a couple that I only use for traveling---they are a little smaller. So I guess I really carry about 4 of them regularly. If you add the colored ones that I use now and then (5) plus an evening bag, that means that of the 12 purses I have, I'm really using 10 of them. That's not too bad. The next time I go through them, I'll use my 1 year rule. If I haven't used it in a year, I'll let it go!

So, how many purses and totes do you have?

Thanks, Sandy, for a fun idea!

Taking suggestions for another challenge. Just let me know your idea!

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