Sunday, April 12, 2020

What We're Doing

Let me start by saying "Happy Easter!!" I do have a few Easter pics to share.
 My sister, Jeanne, sent me these pictures of her grands after dying their Easter eggs. This is Travis.
Nathan is in this one. I don't know what kind of dye they used, but, we've never had eggs that came out that bright. So pretty! We didn't dye eggs. Just the two of us---not much of a competition.
 Oh, and the boys have fallen victims to their father for their haircuts! It's just hair, it'll grow.
 My brother, Matt, sent this picture of my nephew, Zachary and his daughter, Reese with her Easter basket.

Mindy gave me these Peeps before the whole stay at home thing started. I'm almost afraid to try them. I guess I better do it!

As for us, we've been very busy this week. A lot of the new normal, walking together, working together and playing together.

I had a Zoom lunch with my friends on Tuesday. That was really fun! We all had a chance to see each other and catch up a little bit. Nobody has really done anything, so that was a short report. For fun there are a lot of puzzles being completed, tv watching, movies and reading. Connie has finally picked up her needlepoint again. 

As for us, we finished the world's smallest puzzle.
It's slightly bigger than a placemat. 1000 pieces and took us two weeks. As it turns out, we lost one piece. They were so tiny, that you didn't realize you might have one stuck on your sleeve or hand. There was one peice that Butch knew he had accidentally vacuumed up. He went out to the dust collection bin in the garage (it's a central vac) and found it. But since he was only looking for one piece, he didn't root through all the dust and crumbs. By the time he realized another piece was missing, he had already emptied the bin.

We've just started this one that my friend, Nancy E. loaned us. It's a wooden puzzle and really, really hard!
 I thought it would be easy because the pieces are so distinctive. Not so.
 The problem is that those distinctive pieces can share a spot. 
I spent 6 hours---yes, SIX hours on Saturday and this is all the further I've gotten. I can't even figure out the frame!! What a time waster! Plus, I have to watch/listen to documentaries since you cannot watch a movie while doing this puzzle. Butch hasn't wanted to work on it, but he probably will. I did enjoy several episodes of the "Life of Jesus" from the History Channel. I watched it last year. I've decided that I'm going to watch it every year during Holy Week. 

Instead, we have this one going on the kitchen table. Mindy surprised us with it. She had it made at Snapfish from a photo taken when we were in Liverpool last June---Strawberry Fields.
I thought I might use this as a Monday Mystery post. But I have something else for that. I found one of these in the dryer. At first, I wasn't sure what it was and then realized it came out of a bra. I pulled the other one out too, because I recognized it right away for what it was.
I'm going to add a couple straps. Come on, who's with me? God knows we're not wearing bras right now anyway!! Let's do our part for the cause!
 We're still having Zoom happy hours with our family. That's such a fun thing to do. I miss them, but this way, I miss them a little less! This is our normal dinner on Friday nights---cheese and crackers. An extra dirty martini for me (or 2---or 3!).

After happy hour, we watched the live streaming of our bishop and the Good Friday Mass. 

I've done a little scrapbooking, a little stitching and finished a really good book: We Believed in Mermaids. It was really good---I give it 4 stars. I'm half way through another that is also so good: Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell.

I'm still walking and talking too--whenever Butch and I aren't walking together. Yesterday, Butch rode his bike while I walked and listened to a Ted Talk about the economic impact of the pandemic. I found it really hopeful. Rather than call it a recession or depression. "he" said economically, we were "paralyzed." There will be a lot of changes after this is all over, but many for the good. Let's hope so. Sorry, I can't tell you who the "he" is as I don't really know any economists and don't remember his name. He sounded like an expert.

For Easter Sunday, we're going to watch the Easter Mass from St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Just about the time that's over, it will be time to pick up our Easter feast. I've ordered a prime rib dinner from the Green Hills Grille. 

I guess that's about it from around here. Are you finding plenty to keep you busy?

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