Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Few Things

Just thought I'd share a few things making me happy right now.
 As I was walking through the neighborhood, I came across this chalk art. I love it and wish they'd do more! Sadly, the rain washed it all away.
 Now, I need to set the record straight. "He" bought this before there wasn't any choice. He goes for the off brands almost alway. Okay, always.
 I saw this picture of a chicken on the internet. I thought it was so beautiful that I sent it to my sister who has chickens on her farm.
 She sent me this one of her chickens. Another beauty. I'm not sure what the cage business is because I know they are free range. It's like an Easter egg hunt every day! They just have to hunt around to see where the chickens have laid the eggs. I've never been to the farm, so maybe she has a chicken coop for them to go in to at night to protect them from predators. I'll have to ask.
My niece, Jackie, designed this logo for Camp Aunt Barb this summer. I'm going to have t-shirts made. It's the last weekend in June. Hopefully, this quarantining will all be over by then. I'm looking forward to spending this time with the "littles."

So what's going on in your world that is making you happy these days?

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