Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Travel Tuesday

About two months ago, we went to Atlanta to visit Sandy and family. We had a great time---as usual.

While we were there, Sandy told us that the mobile groomer was coming on Monday to give Titan his monthly spruce up. I was really excited about this because I've been intrigued ever since Sandy first told me about it when they lived in Charlotte.

When the truck pulled up, it started.
As soon as Titan saw the truck, he started barking and darting all around the house. Sandy picked him up and handed him to the groomer. I was asking the groomer questions about her set-up and asked if I could take a peek. The "gal" said that I could---after she was finished. All this time, Titan was shivering in her arms. I guess he was really scared! Poor little guy!

When he was finished, we came out to see the truck.
The groomer didn't invite me to step inside, so I just looked. in.
She didn't invite me to step inside, so I couldn't see everything. Still, this is so fascinating to me. She said that Titan is really good once she gets started. By the time she brings him back, he seems to love her! But, we don't think he likes the smell!
 It was so funny seeing him roll all around the floor---seemingly trying to rub off the smell!

 And then there's his cute little curly tail.
 The groomer always puts a cute little scarf on him. This one for St. Patrick's Day.
Make no mistake. Titan is Sandy's dog!! He loves her and she him. But the main reason I took this picture was to show off those awesome wreaths on the front door. Sandy was so excited to find two of them!

I hadn't ever heard of such a thing as a mobile groomer. Why don't they have those for people? I could totally be on board for someone pulling up to the house and doing my hair, nails, facial or massage.

Now there's an idea. Anyone????

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  1. We used to use a mobile groomer for Coco before they decided to move into permanent premises, she used to love it! In fact if she ever sees a van parked on someone's drive now she still gets excited and runs to the back of it thinking that it is the 'Mucky Pups' lady! Can you imagine how hot it must get in there with the doors closed and hair dryers on?


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