Monday, December 27, 2021

Monday Mystery

The mystery of the dress...

When we made the decision to go to New York for New Year's Eve, we knew we wanted to do it up right. We got rooms in the Marriott Marquis with Butch and I getting a suite overlooking Times Square. Our plan was to party and be able to watch the ball drop from the comfort of a warm room. The girls wanted to get dressed up---all dressed up. Okay, we're game.

Stephanie found her dress at Dillards. She got it home and put it on again and noticed a strange odor. She asked Nicky if he noticed it. She said he gagged! She smelled the armpits of the dress and said it was the most disgusting BO she'd ever smelled. The dress had all the tags, so it clearly was sold as "new." Since she really liked the dress, she went online and was able to find and order another one. Once that one was delivered, she took both dresses back to Dillard's to return the offensive one. She brought the new dress to prove that it wasn't her that wore and "fouled" the dress. She said that the store clerk didn't even look at her or acknowledge the problem, but she got it returned. 

Now the mystery is---who would do that? We've always heard of people hiding tags and wearing something, only to return it later. I'll bet that happens a lot with designer duds. Still, we've never known anyone to actually do it. So who are "those people"? 

I did know a girl who told us that she returned baby clothes after her baby out-grew them. I remember thinking that was terrible. She had used them, but not too much as babies do outgrow their clothes so fast. That's just wrong. I don't think I'm being too judgmental about this, do you?

Steph wore her cute, sparkly, silver dress to our party last Wednesday night. She said she wanted to get two wears out of it! Good idea!
All I've got to say is, I need to up my game. I can't let my girls out sparkle me!!! I'm the original sparkler!!

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  1. I guess some people's mamas didn't teach them that was stealing, and stealing is bad. In this day and age, we all have gotten too used to little cheats and forget those are a sign that given enough temptation it is likely big cheats will follow.


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