Friday, April 1, 2022

Friday Frustrations About Carpeting

I'm suffering from the "carpet blues." I HATE MY NEW CARPET!

Yes, that's what I said! I hate it! We spent a fortune carpeting 4 rooms along with the remodel and I hate it. ALL! Every bit of it. Well, wait, I like the rugs. It's just all of our wall-to-wall carpeting that's got my back up. It's all a mess! And I'm obsessing about it!

Let me back up a bit. It all started when we decided to do the upstairs remodel. When it came time to pick out the carpet, I told Christy (my designer) that I did not want to use the same company that manufactured the carpeting in the remodeled rec room--about 6 years ago. Although I LOVE that carpet, it has not worn well. Yes, it was very expensive too, so we're not talking a cheap carpet. 

Considering it's just the two of us, it should not look so worn. Even Christy was shocked. She called the carpet store she always uses to find out if there was some recourse. There wasn't--I think she said that the manufacturer had gone out of business or something or maybe the carpeting had been discontinued. Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that we did not get that same carpet again. 

After we picked out the carpet, I started thinking about our bedroom. It was about 8 years old---and looked liked crap! The wear is actually perfectly fine and not worn at all. I loved that carpet too. But, it definitely showed the traffic pattern in dirt! Not wear, dirt.

When I told Christy that I wanted to add our bedroom to the list she was surprised. She asked for pictures.

Considering I wear slippers in the house ALL the time, it doesn't seem like it should be this dirty. Christy was shocked and sent out her best carpet cleaner for some sort of special cleaning without soap--some sort of dirt extraction process. Of course I would prefer to have it cleaned--it wasn't worn at all. The guy ended up only charging me half price because he could not get it cleaner. At least that was something. So, we put it on the list to be re-done. 

And now I'm obsessing over the new carpet. It was almost the last thing to be done during the remodel. There were still a few things to be completed. I was freaking out that the workmen were wearing their big 'ol boots on my new carpet. I could tell right away that this carpet was going to be a problem. And, I was right. I told Butch that we would NEVER wear shoes on it. I haven't. Not once. As I said, I wear slippers in the house. I do not wear my slippers outside and I wash them fairly frequently. Still, after only 3 months, the new carpet looks like this:
It's not dirt. It's the lay of the carpet. It leaves footprints that look like dirt. 
Mindy's room hasn't even been walked in after vacuuming and it looks dirty.
Now that spot IS dirt. I have no idea why or how. Butch swears he hasn't even walked by the closet, here in my office. Maybe Margarita's shoes are doing it. I don't know.
Even at the entrance to the room looks dirty. I had Butch cut the scraps to put pieces in front of the French doors as that deck is definitely dirty. He needs to go out to mess with our flag now and then. Also, when it's time to decorate for Christmas, there's a lot of in and out action. 
There are a lot of shadows too, that look like dirt. In my mind, I know it can't be dirty. But I can't help it. I'm actually losing said mind here. 
I was yelling at Butch about wearing his shoes. He said that he takes them off most of the time. Then I relaized that this is ridiculous that I should be obsessing so. For crying out loud, it's just carpet. And we need to live here. So, I'm trying to relax. It's not happening yet, but I'm trying. 

When we got home from Portugal, I put my suitcase in my closet. This happened:
Are you kidding me? I can't win! Who knows what crud this is from the airport. Thank God I didn't wheel it through the bedroom! I just can't win!!

I'm really thankful that I did not put new carpet in my scrapbook room. I thought about it for half a second. The amount of work involved was just way too overwhelming. 
This carpet is original from when the house was built in 1984. I haven't even had it cleaned since we moved in--1995. Considering it's 38 year old carpeting, it looks just as good as the brand new! No wear either. Well except for this half-witted owner!
You might be wondering about that runner with the pink rug over the top. Well, I bought that to cover up the fact that I burned the carpet when I was embossing. I laid my items and used the heat gun. I had no idea it would melt the carpet. I am perfectly fine with that runner. I don't understand how I can be relaxed about that, yet so out of my mind about the rest. 

I'm a clean freak and it's getting worse!! Chrissy---help me!!! Or better yet, maybe I can turn this lament in to a country song, make a lot of money, and buy new carpet!

Oh, and by the way, April's Fools! Okay, "not!" I'm serious here.


  1. Oh goodness, making a decision over a carpet is so hard isn't it? And no matter how many times you lay a sample in an area and then move it to nearer natural light and then in another room you always doubt your decision. Yes speaking from experience here, we recently changed all our downstairs carpets and our stairway, landing and main bedroom. Took so long to reach a decision! Hope that you grow to like it and that no one dares to walk across it in shoes!

  2. Oh my word, what a bummer. We replaced carpet in our upstairs about 7 years ago, and it looks great still - but we went with the typical thick pile. I think those designed close cut carpets just aren't as durable, although logically they should be more so. We have one in our family room and it really holds onto the dirt as well. We used a similar carpet to the one you have on your stairs, with the vertical grain, and it still looks great, but I am sure it will wear out quicker than the upstairs pile type. I recently saw on a You Tube design channel that wall to wall carpeting is on its way out -- but I don't really believe that. Most folks still want it in bedrooms.


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