Thursday, April 21, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. Last week, we went to "be on" The Price is Right. The girls are always looking for fun things to do. Morgan was supposed to be with us, but since she recently moved out of state, Stephanie invited her friend, Merrill. 
We had a delicious dinner (although very expensive) at the restaurant in the Hermitage Hotel. It's right across the street from the theater, so you can't beat the convenience. 
Stephanie treated me to a t-shirt--which I wouldn't have gotten had I known that it wasn't the "real" Price is Right. Some how, I got the mistaken idea that we were there for auditions to actually get on the show. It wasn't like that at all. Basically, it was a random drawing for people to play a mini version of the show. We all agreed that it was kind of "rinky dink." Still we had a good time. Mindy not so much as her tooth pain ramped up. That's the night Butch and I took her to the emergency room.

2. Last Saturday, the gang had signed up for an obstacle course type 5K. Not me. Most likely I wouldn't have been able to do many of the obstacles. 
The last obstacle was going through some sort of foam pit. 
Butch is still pretty agile and managed to keep up with the "kids." In fact, I heard that he lead the pack!

3. You know you raised 'em right when you get a delivery like this.
Garrett's popcorn is a Chicago icon. You HAVE to stand in the popcorn line when you go.
She included this sweet note. Happy to know she appreciates us!!

4. There's definitely truth to this.

5. Lastly, for my dog lovin' friends. Jack and Connie with their dog on the left and their grand dogs. 
Although I think it's a cute picture, that's a little too much dog for me. I can smell them from here!
Granted, I have a keen sense of smell. And not in a good way!!

That's it for this week!

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