Monday, April 4, 2022

Me on Monday

Well, the wedding on Saturday night was so much fun. It was downtown at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Butch and I had never been there before, but Stephanie and Mindy had. It's a really nice place and perfect for a wedding.

The ceremony took place on an outside deck overlooking downtown Nashville.

Paige is the daughter of my friend, Nancy. Bob and Nancy were the first people we met when we moved to Nashville in February of 1985. Paige was just 2 years old. Mindy and her daughter, Leigh were newborns. Nancy and I had so much in common from the start: large, Catholic family of 7 children and we both lost our dads as teens. We hit it off with Bob and Nancy from the start. Bob passed away about 20 years ago, but I'm sure he was with us at the wedding!
This picture overlooks Union Station. In case you are not sure, I am the "shrimp!"
Mindy, me, Butch and Stephanie.
Stephanie and Nicky. Unfortunately, Justin couldn't be with us. He was involved with a wedding of his own! He's the food and beverage manager at the Nashville City Club nearby. They are busy with all of their own events every weekend. We miss him, but it's the nature of the business.
The tables were beautiful. Paige had taken the time to write a special note to each guest for coming. That was so sweet! Considering there were about 200 people there, that was no small task!

And then there is this:
This is our gang! Bob and Nancy were part of it too---Nancy still is. In 1986, Butch and I started the poker group. The guys would get together once a month to play poker while we girls went out to dinner. It was always something fun to look forward to. We were all young parents busy with children. But once a month was for us--and any other time we could get-together (lots of game parties). We traveled together and some of us still do. We skied with our kids. We've partied together and had a lifetime of fun--for nearly 40 years. 

Now we're all retired. We girls see each other all the time. The poker group is still going, but a bit more sporadic as everyone is busy in other ways. Some of the guys play golf together. Plus, some of us have a trip to Sanoma planned for October. We girls have a beach trip planned in May.

We all had such a fun time at the wedding. We had planned to leave around 9-ish, but then we started dancing. That lead to more dancing. When we decided it was going to be the last one, Butch wanted to dance with Mindy. As I was exiting the dance floor, some random guy said something about not quitting. I turned back and grabbed him by the hand and said, "Okay then, let's go!" 

When it comes to dancing, I'm not above picking up some random, young, hot guy!! Okay, he was young and only semi-hot, but he was game so that made him hotter! I don't think he realized how old I am as he tried to "dip" me at the end. I only went down about half way for fear of throwing my back out. Now, I've never thrown my back out before, but didn't want to find out how far I could push it! Like I've said, taking no chances!!

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