Thursday, April 7, 2022

Five Things Thursday

1. These birds from the Nashville zoo are beautiful:

I've only been to the Nashville zoo twice in its current location. I did not see these birds, but the next time I go, I'll find out if there's a "bird house." Obviously, they are tropical birds.

2. I have no words!
Actually, I do. These are too creepy to me. Maybe for Halloween I might thing they would work. 

3. I think this is a great idea:
What a great way to expand the job opportunities of deaf people.

4. This made me laugh out loud!
Seriously---what where the 70's thinking? I've always thought that the 70's were the worst decade for fashion.

5. I find this so surprising.
There are commercials inviting people to join unions. Just goes to show the shortage of workers all over. When we lived in St. Louis, there was a waiting list to get in to the apprenticeship programs for unions. You could rely on fair wages and good benefits. This commercial is for the electrician union. Since the pandemic--and what has been dubbed--"The Great Resignation"--there just aren't enough workers. I wonder if this is the new normal?

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