Saturday, April 23, 2022

Scrapbook Saturday

1. Pam picked the song "Celebration" for AYM this month.
I used our New Year's Eve trip to New York for this one.
I made a double fold out in order to get all of the pictures I wanted to use. I added a glassine envelope to hold the thank you notes from the girls.
I cut the patterned paper in to 3 inch circles. Then I cut those in half. I didn't have a lot of room to incorporate the patterned paper. At least this way, I was able to add some of it.

2. I've had this layout for years from a class I took. It was just waiting for the right pictures.
I think using the photo shoot pictures from Elizabeth and Victoria's matching cars were perfect for it. 

3.  "B&B Days" stands for Butch and Barb days. 
This represents many of the day trips we took during the lockdown.

4. "Put a Bow on It" is a layout that Karolyn did for me about the Marie Antoinette chair. 
It was for our "round robin" exchange we do every month. We trade pictures around and someone else does the layout for you. It's fun to see what people come up with.

5. "Beautiful You" is another layout I did in a class years ago. 
These random pictures of Elizabeth were the perfect ones for the page.

Since my scrapbook room is cleaned up, it's been a lot of fun putting some layouts together. 

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