Sunday, April 3, 2022

Something for Sunday

It's been a week of flowers! You might call it flower "overload" as if there could possibley be such a thing!

Last week, I got the notification that White's Creek Flower Farm was ready to start up their deliveries for the season. I signed up for a bouquet--not thinking that I would need to make some arrangements for the bridal luncheon I was hosting on Friday.

On Wednesday night, we had the whole family--well, all the in-town family--over for dinner. Mitchell and Emily showed up with this:

Beautiful flowers and a bottle of wine. So thoughtful! That girl is good for him! Totally unexpected, but such a nice surprise. I do love flowers!
The bouquet was so lush and full that I was able to get another arrangment out of it for over my sink. I love flowers here as they are right at my eye level. I really enjoy that.

Then I purchased the flowers to make three arrangements for Paige's bridal luncheon.

I am partial to white arrangements. There were six different flowers in each one.
These were the table favors: custom wrapped Hershey bars and macaroons. 

After the party, I stopped by Steph's house and Mindy's condo to surprise them with an arrangement and party favors. 

No sooner did I get home than my arrangement from the flower farm arrived:
It was full of flowers: several varieties of daffodils, different colored runuculus, pussy willows, several colors of tulips, black and white anemone's and a few others I didn't recognize. I ended up putting that arrangement along side one of the ones from the party in the family room. That way I can enjoy them both.

Oh, and then, Paige sent me this as a thank you for hosting the luncheon:
It's a single rosebud inside of a beautiful, little suede box from "Venus et Fleur." I've never heard of this company or concept before, but it's a real rose (you can tell by the feel). It has a lovely scent. I've put it on my nightstand so I can smell it from the bed. Believe it or not, it will last a year. I am to keep it out of direct sunlight and be sure to leave it in the box. I'm not to water it either. I don't know how it will live, but I'm going to see if it really lasts a year. I hope so. It's so pretty, delicate, and smells so good!

This has been such a happy, flower week for me. I don't think I could ever get tired of them. There's no such thing and too many!

PS While I'm at it, just thought I would share a picture of the beautiful bride:
The wedding was so lovely. I'm happy that Paige and Nancy included us in so many of the festivities! 

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  1. What gorgeous flowers. I have never heard of a rose bloom that will last a year! How unusual.


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