Wednesday, June 13, 2018

What I Buy Wednesdays

I am so far behind on my blogging. Since I couldn't blog in Yosemite---crappy internet---couldn't download photos---I am woefully behind. I need to sort through and decide what to just let go. I can't do it all! And that's okay.

But, I didn't want this Wednesday to go by without a post about what I buy! Notice my proper use of by and buy? Loved grammar growing up---and I'm good at it!

While out-of-town, these came in:
Getting ready for Camp Aunt Barb---Nashville style. Actually, I was pretty disappointed in these. First of all, they were supposed to be "kids" ball caps. They are regular ball caps. They do have the velcro thing on the back to make them a little tighter, but these kids are little. That's why I call them the "littles!" Secondly, the printing is not exactly how I wanted it. I wanted it to read:
Aunt Barb
The person doing it (I ordered them on Etsy), said that the print would be pretty small if I did it this way. I told him/her to use their own judgement---thinking they do this sort of thin all the time! I expected it to read:  
Camp Aunt Barb
Luckily, they're kids so they won't care. I have tons of activities planned and am really looking forward to it. Butch and I made a run to the dollar store to pick up a few things.
There's going to be fun and games, pool time, naps, movies, outings, slumber parties, kid style happy hour and kid friendly foods! It's going to be fun for sure!

I've talked about the fact that I am an impulse buyer for sure. But this is all Butch!!
 Okay, I bought them, but Butch "allowed" me to! So I'm blaming him. It's Butch's fault because in my defense, I had had a couple bottles (oops---glasses) of wine! He should have stopped me. When we got home I asked him why we got these. He said, "you wanted them!" Well, he had a couple glasses of wine too! It's not my fault!
Lord knows we definitely don't need them! This is a deep drawer---so there is another layer below!

Lesson learned: definitely do not go shopping after drinking! No impulse control whatsoever. Hmmm, on second thought, maybe I need to get Butch liquored up and take him jewelry shopping or something else extravagant! 

Oh never mind, I don't need/want anything. At least until next week's What I Buy Wednesday!

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  1. It looks like you have lots of fun and games planned - they are going to love it! And hey, I love the idea of taking Butch jewellery shopping after a few beers - let us know how that works out ;-)


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