Thursday, February 2, 2017

Stockpile Issues

I guess everybody knows by now that I have stockpile issues. A few days ago, I went into the pantry and was immediately attacked by bags! Bags of every description---shopping, brown paper, plastic grocery sacks and canvas bags.
What in the heck am I saving them for? And, when Butch takes one, I say, “Oh no, not that one”!---as if one is more valuable than another. In all fairness to me, they do accumulate more during the holidays. I haven’t cleaned them out yet this year, hence the “attack!”

I have to have multiples of everything and I really don’t know why---measuring cups, wooden spoons (23 to be exact), spatulas (11)---a whole drawer designated for them which  led to Mindy counting them.
 You’d think I was Martha Stewart!

Sheets (at least 3 sets for every bed in the house), towels (enough for a Turkish bath). Actually I've already gotten rid of most of the sheets. Just keeping two sets per bed. I got new towels for after the renovation, so the towels are going too.
22 tablecloths (after I gave away 3!) and don’t even get me started on my scrapbook supplies. 
5 drawers of ribbon---need I say more? Okay, some of that is class related.

I have tons of holiday paper goods—
for sure, enough Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to last me the rest of my life! I just can't resister an "after the holiday sale!"

I have too many white blouses to count—which I rarely wear since you can bet I’ll spill something on them. 
Why am I saving them? I should wear them, spill on them and then clear them out. 

Stephanie says I’m a hoarder. She says the only reason that our house doesn’t look like a hoarder’s house is because it’s big with lots of room for stuff and I’m extremely organized, so my hoarding is very neat. 

I definitely have stockpile issues, but I don’t think I’m a hoarder. Hoarders have mental issues—I’m not admitting to that—although a session on a therapist’s couch might reveal that I do! Real hoarders cannot throw anything away! I admit, I keep way more stuff than I should, but that’s because I can. I’ve always said, “no matter how much space you have, you will fill it up!” That is certainly true with me. But when I get on a “cleaning out” jag, I am ruthless! 

I believe that everyone stockpiles something. What do you stockpile? Be honest!


  1. My husband and I were both brought up by mums who had experienced wartime rationing, so we probably encourage each other to save pieces of string and other useful things. I guess we hoard anything we think we can make something out of.

  2. My DH is more of a collector of things that me - usually of the 'it might come in useful' variety. His dad never threw anything away. Me? I like to travel light :). Hoping your clearing goes well.

  3. Paper products! I ghave to have enough paper towels and toilet paper in the house at all times to practically equip a baseball stadium!


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