Saturday, February 18, 2017

Sometimes, I think there something wrong with me!

There, I've said it. It's true. Here's the story.

Some friends from church invited us over last night for a chili supper. Many other friends from church were going to be there too. I didn't really want to go, but Butch said we should. Okay, we accepted the invitation---even if it meant we'd have to forego our weekly happy hour with our "kids."

Fast forward to last week. We got an email from the hosts. They thought it would be fun for all of us to send our photos from our various trips to the Holy Land so they could put together a slide show presentation. OH MY GOSH! I was scrapbooking with my sisters when I got it. I immediately  emailed Butch with the email and said, "how do you spell BORING!" Honestly, I wanted to back out. NOBODY wants to see your vacation OR pilgrimage photos! I guess this was different because everyone had been there---just at different times.

I didn't send any pictures because: 1. I no longer have any of them on my computer. I deal with my pictures right away---print what I want, move what I think I might want (which I have yet to ever go back to) and delete them from my computer. 2. I didn't want to add to the snooze fest.

I was dreading it all day. I know that's a really bad attitude. That's why I think there's something wrong with me. Obviously, other people thought this was an evening to look forward to.

So, we get there and are the first to arrive. We didn't want that, so we drove around the block. By the time we got back there were two other cars there. We went in---got to see their lovely home that they've just completely remodeled---and settled in for some socializing. That part was really fun. I'm not shy and can carry a conversation on just about anything. In fact, we got on the subject of how to store and organize photos---my specialty!

After dinner, the slide show began. OMGosh! It was just as terrible as I thought it was going to be. There were 92 photos with commentary AFTER. EACH. ONE! I about died, when mid-way, someone suggested we take a "potty" break and get drink refills. I just wanted to power through it. I wanted to go home!

When it was all said and done, it took an hour and forty minutes to go through all of those pictures. As I was NOT enjoying it, I looked around the room. Everyone else seemed to be having a really good time. I was on that trip. It was wonderful and life changing. Now, several years after the fact---and probably because we travel so much, I almost didn't remember much. That's one of the reasons I love my scrapbooks---at least there, I have all of my thoughts along with the pictures.

Anyway, Butch did a good job with the "break away." We stayed a bit longer after the show--enough not to be rude. Then after the customary hugs (people from the south are huggers) and good byes, we got out to the car and found ourselves blocked in. Seriously! We were the first to leave the house, but after about 15 minutes, we were actually the LAST to leave. I guess that was my punishment for my bad attitude.

The bottom line is this: I've always said, "no one cares about your trip but you." That was certainly true here. Even though everyone there had done the exact same thing, I was only interested in what our little group had experienced. That was completely different. We shared our stories and that was fun, but the rest---YAWN! I can't help it. That's just how I feel.

I'm pretty sure there's something wrong with me. Definitely.

If I say, "I want to hear about your trip." That's true. I genuinely want about a 10 or 15 minute recap. I do not want to see your 1000 photos! You know what I'm talking about---with the digital age. If it were 1960 something and you had one roll---24 pictures, I'd be happy to take a look---as long as your commentary wasn't too long.

Yep. Me. Something wrong with.

PS One exception. While I was laid up, I asked Karolyn to bring her photos from the Gems of the Danube river cruise that I had to miss due to my broken ankle. I really did want to hear all about it and see her 500 pictures. She didn't give a lengthy explanation. She did it just right.


  1. I often want to get out of social engagements at the last minute if I am not in the mood - it is one of the things I am trying to work on. I probably would have preferred a much shorter travelogue too - it's a shame she didn't suggest a limit on the pictures - send only your 10 best. And I would not have allowed myself to be blocked in even for 15 minutes, 'cause when it's time to go, it's time to go. I'd have asked someone if they could have let us out. So you are patient, after all. ;-)

  2. Nothing wrong with you at all. I bet if I asked any of the people there how they thought you had felt about the evening they would say you really enjoyed all of is and you loved the slide show. MOst of us are good actors in social situations and this doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you. Nope, you are definitely as normal as we are


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