Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Few Things

Butch went skiing this week at Beaver Creek. He had a good time as always.
I decided to stay home since I can't ski anymore. I figure, if I'm going to sit around, I'd rather do it at home. I do miss skiing though---I loved it and was pretty good at it too.
Mindy brought me these crumpets. They are really good. They are so soft---even toasted. You can treat them like English muffins, but the texture is different.
Another thing Mindy introduced us to. Halo Top---ice cream. OMGosh! You can eat the whole pint for only 240 calories.
And they come in so many flavors---15, I think. The chocolate peanut butter and oatmeal cookie are my favorites. And so is chocolate almond crunch and chocolate mint---well, they are all good!
 This candle baffles me. I have no idea where it came from. It's called "NEST." On the other side, there's a little note about Autism Speaks. It smells amazing---even when it's not lit. 
I put a votive candle next to it so you can see the size---not huge. But it burns so slowly. I went online to see about ordering more. Wellll, I won't be doing that. This candle is $40.00!  That means someone gave it to me. For the life of me, I can't remember. I would never pay $40.00 for a candle. They do have that little votive size, but it's $16.00. I love candles and light one every morning. I guess if you have money to burn, it would be worth it. I'll just stick to either Yankee candles or Bath and Body Works candles. At least they run fabulous sales!
I was meeting my friends at Panera before Movie Monday last week. I got there early, so decided to walk the mall. I haven't been in the mall in quite awhile. I'm sorry this picture isn't better. But, I think it's pretty funny that a new Microsoft store moved in directly above the Apple store. First of all, I have never even heard of a Microsoft store. There wasn't a soul in there---except for the workers--unlike the Apple store which is always busy. It will be interesting to see how long it lasts.

I cleaned out Mindy's dresser and came across this. It doesn't look particularly stellar to me, but I made that note at the time so I would remember the significance of this. Sadly, we don't know what happened. Mindy just isn't a reader!! Actually, I do know what happened. Summer reading of boring books took its toll. It seems to me that if you are going to require reading in the summer, those books should be fantastic! I wish teachers and schools would quit forcing kids to read boring books in the name of the classics. If you want kids to love reading, you have to give them books that grab them. I think it's time to leave Shakespeare and Charles Dickens to the the scholars.

Speaking of reading, I finished this book this week.
It was really good. It's written in my favorite format---each chapter is a different person's perspective. I couldn't put it down. That was a good thing because my first library book has come in. I'm anxious to start it. So far, I've read 6 books since January 1st.
I'm ending with this shot of Butch hard at work in his office.
 It's way more fun working in a nice room. It's pretty inviting. I visit him sometimes and sit in that chair. I like it because it's low to the ground and my feet can touch the floor!
The shelves contains all of his keepsakes. We're lucky to each have a room of our own.

That's about it from around here. What have you been up to this week?

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  1. We have English crumpets here too and they look just like yours - nice toasted with a bit of butter on top, as I remember from my crumpet-eating days! Nice to see the photos of Butch too. And thank-you for the book recommendation!


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