Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Beach

Sandy and I had planned a little trip to Panama City after our family vacation. We had such a good time---it was a perfect schedule. We slept in every day, had breakfast around 9-ish, then went straight to the pool. After spending a few hours there, we came in and had lunch. We played a game every day, then read/napped. Originally, we planned to go to the beach late in the day when it wasn't so hot and when it wasn't so crowded. As it turned out, we only spent one day on the beach. Everyone knows I'm not a huge beach lover. The sand drives me crazy, I don't like the taste of the water which will definitely splash up in to your mouth even while wading, and I hate being so hot! When you are on the beach, you roast! Victoria and Elizabeth are not beach lovers either, so we were on the same page. Sandy would have preferred a little more beach time, but in the end, we were all satisfied with a lot of pool time.

A trip to the beach would not be complete without a stop at Alvin's Island! It was right across the street from our condo.

This was our first time to Panama City. But, I have to say, after going to Santa Rosa for 30 years---that place holds my heart!


  1. I LOVE the beach - but not during the heat of the day. I like walking the shore line at around 6:30 in the morning. Before it gets hot. Lot less people out then too.

  2. I love the beach and the sea. my husband on the other hand does not and spends ages moaning about the sand!


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