Friday, July 31, 2015

I Haven't Scrapbooked....

since I can't remember when. The sad part about that statement is that storytelling---and the scrapbooking that goes along with it---is my passion!!

I'm blaming it all on Connie---my #1 best friend---sorry Karolyn, you'll always be my #2 (ewww, I guess that doesn't sound so good---but you know what I mean). Connie retired at the end of the school year. I promised her that she wouldn't be bored. Soooooo, with our Movie Mondays, Stitching Tuesdays, Tuesday or Wednesday and Friday pool days, my Thursday bridge days AND dozens of assorted books we're reading and discussing---there simply is not much time left for scrapbooking. And, I haven't even mentioned my own household chores and beach house responsibilities. I think you get the picture.

I've been waiting for Connie to retire for a long time now. We met nearly 30 years ago when she moved in to the neighborhood. The girls and I had been waiting for someone with children near their ages. Sandy and Amanda---and Stephanie and Malinda---hit it off right away and became the best of friends. Connie and I met at a party the night before and arranged for the girls to meet the very next day. We had one good summer together before Connie broke the news to me that she was going back to work. She is the last of my friends to finally "give it up" and retire. I have all sorts of plans for us swimming around in my head (no pun intended). But, unfortunately, unless we plan way far ahead---there simply is not enough time or free days.

I want more mystery trips. I have an idea for a "grandmothers and grandchildren" trip (my, that sounds old---we're not, so that trip will be cool). I have many ideas for classes and things to be learned. I have ideas for sightseeing and cultural trips. I want us to learn new things. I want her to play bridge with me (on that she refuses, but I'll wear her down---after all, my regular bridge partner is not getting any younger---and bridge is NOT something I want to give up). In a nutshell, I have plans for us!

Let me tell you a little something about Connie. First off, she is a loyal friend. If she makes plans with me, she doesn't cancel unless there's an emergency. She won't cancel because a better offer has come along---and I'm sure there have been many. She is the type that would do anything for you. You hear that about people all the time. But with Connie, it's really true. And, I'm not the only one she'd do anything for. She's just that type of gal. I've always said that she's lucky to have a guy like Jack---she has drug him to more school events, wakes and funerals, weddings of people she barely knows---than anyone else I know. She has a keen sense of loyalty and is always "doing the right thing." I sort of live in that gray area of "doing what I think is right, but also doing what I want."

Connie and I have had many adventures over the years---camping out for New Kids on the Block tickets and tracking down Malinda's stolen cell phone to a bad part of town (in hindsight, that probably wasn't the best idea)---just a couple of things that come to mind. She's even the kind of friend that will invite you for dinner and then ask you to bring the food! When I arrived, I asked her what she would have done for dinner if we hadn't come! In all fairness, said dinner was omelets, but she had no eggs or cheese. Still, it was a treat to have someone else make it! I'll bring the eggs and cheese any time!

There have been parties, movies, games, 5:30 a.m. everyday walks, and umpteen trips to the theater---just another passion we share. I could never get her interested in scrapbooking---which surprises me because she has the best stories of anyone I know). The list could go on and on. We're older now, but Connie is still up for an adventure. Now I just have to figure out when we can work one in to the schedule!

I love that girl! As for when I'm going to have time to scrapbook? I guess, I'll join the ranks of women that only scrapbook when they are on retreats! That's sad, but the truth of it. Luckily for me, those opportunities come at least 4 or 5 times a year!
I wish I had more photos of us when we were younger, but I don't. This particular picture was the start of a little girls trip to the lake. Man, I loved those Ray Bans---sadly they were stolen with my purse---but that's another story.
Now I just have random photos of us when we're a bit---quite a bit---older. Oh well, at least we're still around to be in photos! That's my #2 in the background.

Have you really thought about your best friend lately? What does she mean to you? What adventures have you shared over the years? There's a scrapbook page. In fact, I'll be using this blog post for one!


  1. What a wonderful post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would say I hate that you're not scrapping but sounds like you're actually having more fun than if you were! :) I'm finding the older I get, I have different besties for different things I need from a girlfriend. I used to count just one person as my best friend, now I have about four and depending on my mood, each one rises to the top of the list at some point. LOL!

  2. My Mom has not had much time to miss work thanks to all of your planning! I've threatened to get her a bigger calendar for her purse because she has to draw arrows to the margins when I ask her to "babysit". She also writes in pen so her commitment to her friends and family starts from the moment someone asks! I'm so glad she has you and all of her friends to enjoy life with now that she has more time to have fun!

  3. Bummer she's heading back to work! Since I've been on an "unofficial sabbatical" for quite a while now, it is hard to find ladies to hang out with during the day or school year. Definitely use this journaling for a layout!

  4. Sounds like you have the perfect friend and it must be so nice to be able to spend so much time together now. You are making the memories that i'm sure you will find the time to scrap....eventually x

  5. What a lovely post. My best friend is exactly three days older than me and around this time of year we always have a little muse about what we'll do when we have more time together. We think we're going to go to lots of talks and take lots of classes. Maybe not though?!


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