Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday Mystery

I just don't understand people. I think we can all agree that traveling can be a hassle. The destination might be fun, but the actual getting there might not be.

On Friday, I was flying back from the beach. The lady sitting next to me had 3 little boys sitting across the aisle. She was alone with the boys. I'm guessing their ages were 8, 5 & 3. Traveling alone with 3 little ones is trouble enough. But, she made it so much harder on herself. Each of the boys had their own little suitcase and backpack. Uhhhh, are you kidding me? She had a hard time finding overhead bin space for all of those suitcases---plus her own.

When it was time to de-plane, she had to get all of the suitcases down and given to each child. The 3 year old was first and not quite sure what to do. The woman had to tell him 3 times to start walking off the plane. All of them, including the mom were struggling with luggage and carry-ons.

Why in the world would you not check your bags? Not only did she have to keep up with the children, she also had to keep up with all of their belongings. I was behind them when they got off the plane. Nashville wasn't even their final destination. So, she had to round up the boys and get to their next gate---with ALL that stuff and do it all over again!! I'm sure by the time she got to her destination she was worn out. But really, she made it so much harder on herself.

It's a mystery to me.


  1. She certainly did make things harder for herself!

  2. I can hear your puzzlement! Perhaps her children wanted to carry their own? Perhaps distributing the load and getting them to help was easier than struggling with bigger cases on her own? Perhaps there's an additional cost to checking in luggage into the hold (there is on some flights over here) and money is tight? Perhaps she wanted a quicker getaway on arrival rather than standing around a luggage carousel trying to spot the luggage and keep three lively little ones in view? Just a thought ...

    1. You bring up a lot of good points. I'm sure the children wanted to carry their own---but that's where parents step in and be parents. It's just too hard at the airport. We were flying Southwest which allows 2 free bags per person, so cost was not the issue. You could be right about not wanting to wait for the baggage to arrive---and since they were connecting, maybe she was afraid one of the bags would be lost. There are many reasons she might have preferred to let her children carry on their bags. I'm just saying, she made it much harder on herself than it needed to be.


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