Thursday, January 23, 2014

News from the Celebrity Reflection

We've been so busy---taking part in so many activities. All fun with time for stitching, reading and relaxing (well, not much of that).
A little shipboard entertainment. Good music. My favorite so far was Nick Page---from London's West End. He played Jean Val Jean in Les Miserables for two years. He did an assortment of songs from Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban to Luciano Pavarotti. I loved it!
 What could be better than this calm blue sea? Stitching next to it!!
This morning was our pajama party brunch with Paula. We felt pretty stupid in our pi's but only for about two minutes. The buffet was gorgeous.
 Everything you can imagine---including broiled lobster. Another day we skipped lunch.
I guess we're not so special after all. We thought we suite holders were the only ones with butlers. Apparently everyone is a "butler."

Speaking of which, we watched The Butler last night after the musical show. It's so good---definitely worth a second viewing. Chris and I are really not "in" to the night club or gambling scene these days.
This afternoon, we went to a lecture on Faberge' eggs. I have my own personal collection of the miniature ones. I was really happy to think I would get another to add to it---a perfect souvenir from my trip. Uhhh, I think NOT! The little ones were limited editions---they only had these two plus one other---$7700. EACH!!! Holy Cow! I wonder what my little collection is worth these days? Not near this for sure.

We're having such good time, but tomorrow is our last day. Over way too soon and back to frigid temperatures! Still, it's always good to get home.


  1. So glad you are getting to enjoy the sunshine! Lots of snow here.

  2. Sounds as if you are having a great time - that is one expensive egg!


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