Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Got My Treadmill Desk!!

Okay, not the $1500 version---but it's just as good!!

When I got home yesterday, Butch surprised me with his homemade version. He said it only cost $12.00 and about 2 hours of his time. If anyone's interested, I'll get him to do a guest post and explain exactly what he did.
 He's not a "woodworking" kind of guy, so I was really impressed.
 I didn't know he knew how to make perfectly rounded corners. It's as smooth as a butcher block---no chance for splinters.
 He simply velcroed it on.
This morning,  I gathered all of my stuff---ready to get started. Here's my set-up: computer, St. Theresa daily inspiration book, rosary, water, pen and paper, tv remote, kleenex and my phone which I was taking these pictures with.
Here's the best part---I can wear my slippers.

I'm excited to get started. I turn the tv on to access Pandora so I don't wear down my computer battery using it via the internet. Great, I have to set it up. I have Pandora set on another tv, so I thought it would just be there.  Not a problem---I'm right here with my computer. I had to step off the treadmill to be able to read the access code displayed on the tv. When I was getting back on, I learned a pretty valuable lesson---stop the treadmill when getting on and off. I nearly flipped off right away and actually twisted my ankle a little.

I had the treadmill set at 1.5 MPH. That seemed like a pretty good speed until I knocked over my water. Luckily, it had a lid and didn't spill on my computer. Turns out, the velcro is not permanently affixed. Next valuable lesson---don't try to hold on the desk.

I got Pandora all set up and set the volume. I'm all set to start working. It's 9:03 according to my computer. I realize that the sun is way too hot and is putting a terrible glare on my screen. This time, I stop the treadmill to get off and lower the shade. Back on, back in business. By 9:11 I realize that my back in hurting and my ankle is starting to hurt. What the "H***"?! For crying out loud, I'm already sweating like crazy---this should not be happening! Then I notice, that I had not re-set the treadmill from when Butch used it. The incline was set on 6! Now, I haven't gotten "credit" for the steps and time I've already done. Darn. At least I had my "fitbit" on. Valuable lesson #3---be sure to reset the machine when you get on.

I lowered the incline to "1" but the treadmill made a horrible screeching noise. I raised it to 2. Perfect, silence and not too difficult. Remember, you are supposed to be able to work while walking at the same time. Now I'm back in business. I managed to upload pictures to Walgreens, print out some recipes (of course, the printer ran out of paper) and answer an email from my blog friend, Cheri at Scrap Dreams. She'll be visiting Nashville in March with her sister, so we're making some plans. Valuable lesson #4---I can't type worth a crap while walking.

I took a 5 minute break to put some clothes in the dryer and start another load. I also ran upstairs and put paper in the printer.

Once I got back to it, I really accomplished a lot. I read many blog posts that I hadn't had time to read on my trip. The commenting took longer than usual due to my crappy typing skills while walking. I watched a couple of brief videos that I had waiting. My feet were starting to hurt. Valuable lesson #5---wearing slippers while walking isn't such a good idea after all.

I decided that I would just read a couple more blog posts. Before I knew it, I had been on my new treadmill desk for an hour and a half. According to the treadmill, I had walked at a speed of 1.5 miles per hour---yet only actually walked 1 mile and a half. According to my math, an hour and a half  should be 2.25 miles. I burned 193 calories. So, I looked at my fitbit---which I've had on since I got up at 5 a.m. I walked over 7000 steps already for a total of 2.86 miles, burned 972 calories, did 3 flights of stairs and had 7 leaves on my "flower." If you have a fitbit, you'll understand all of that.

When I came downstairs, Butch said, "you need a shower, girl!" He would never say "you smell!" but that's what he meant.

Now this really poses a problem. My plan is to get on my treadmill desk about twice a day---when I'm doing computer work. I can't be taking a bunch of extra showers. That would totally eliminate the time saving effect of being able to walk and work at the same time. What to do?

I think I'm going to take a nap. I'll shower after my 2nd round on my new treadmill desk!


  1. I did laugh about the sun and the getting on and off the treadmill. I hope you don't mind. You made it sound like so much fun I am tempted to suggest to Mr M that we should have a treadmill. We have a cross trainer and that has long handle things that swing back and forth so no hope of putting a desk on there. Tell Butch I think he is very clever and very caring to do that for you.

  2. Twice a day? Wow, that's impressive!

    I can't type even when I'm sitting quietly putting all my concentration into it. I'm hopeless!

  3. You made me smile so much, I have visions of you being flipped in the air, like a circus trapeze artist! but what a brilliant idea. Well done Butch.

  4. Great interim solution, although I suppose all that getting on and off affected the final tally on the treadmill. I would LOVE to do something similar as I find being on the treadmill dreadfully BORING, but ours folds up (and has to be stored that way or we would constantly be tripping over it. And the arms could only hold a desk about six inches deep - maybe. But I may still play with some ideas and see if I can come up with anything as clever...

  5. What a fun post to read this morning! That is a great treadmill desk & such a fabulous solution for getting fit and being productive. I ride the stationary bike here and use that as time for reading books - I can also check email on my phone, but I really like knowing I'll have that 30 minutes to read each day.

  6. There are lots of treadmill desk hacks - but I think Butch was very clever (and caring) to get it sorted out for you.

  7. Oh, that's just brilliant! Your post really made me smile today :o) I'd be like Sian though, when it came to came to the typing!

  8. Your humorous writing has really put a smile on my face :). You have done really well so far... I'm not much good at multitasking like this, though, so you have my admiration.


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