Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Things Thursday on Friday

I'm just really behind. But as it turns out, I have 5 more layouts left from our little retreat to the farm that I have not shared yet.
 "Dressing the Table" is my 2013 Thanksgiving layout.
 This layout and the one below document Christmas 2013. I made one for each of the girls albums.
 I do not like to duplicate. I prefer that when I am using the same photos or story, that I make the layout different----just more fun for me.

Christmas 1984---little by little, I'm scrapbooking the older stuff. It's not really my current style as I prefer to scrapbook the little day-to-day sorts of things. Actually, I don't know why I say that. I really like it all and DO it all!!

Five more photos:

When we're at the farm, we have the perfect set-up. We put up the tables in the middle of the living room. When there's just the three of us, we each have our own 8 ft. table.
 This is my spot. I clean up after each layout to try to keep myself somewhat organized.
 This is Pam's spot. She was putting an album together.
 Karolyn faces me. Since it's her place, she has a sewing machine for us to use. She also takes her Cricut so we have that too. We do not have internet access, but I bring my laptop and printer so we can journal.
Actually, this all looks pretty neat considering it's scrapbooking! Normally, my room at home looks like a bomb went off when I'm working.

And finally---a couple more:
 I took an early morning walk. It's so pretty and peaceful in the country.
As I was walking along, I wondered, who would come along and cut up an old tree. Why bother? It's the woods. Since they didn't haul it away, what's the point?

Ohhh, for more times like this....


  1. What a nice friendly set up! I would probably do that early morning walk with you... and my guess with the tree... given it's location, maybe it was cut/trimmed proactively to prevent damage to the fence?

  2. I like early morning walks and the days scrapping and hanging out with friends sounds blissful. I too like to rescrap the same photos differently if I need to make another page.

  3. Great layouts - I'm always looking for 2-page layouts to scrap lift. :>) I really like that first Christmas one, the grid design with different size squares and rectangles covering the page.


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