Wednesday, June 22, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday

A concert would not be complete without the purchase of a t-shirt.
That's my new philosophy. I regret that of all t-shirts I DID NOT get was the Rolling Stones last fall! Darn! Won't be making that mistake again.

I also did some internet shopping this week too. We are going on a safari in September with most of the family. I had no idea there would be so many clothing restrictions and suggestions!

1. You need to wear long pants—preferably loose for coolness. 
2. No dark colors—navy or black--becasue tse tse flies are drawn to dark colors. 
3. No white or light colors because it will A. get dirty B. can be seen by animals from a long way off. Khaki color would be ideal.
4. Jeans are not recommended because they are dark and hot.
5. Long sleeve shirts are also recommended due to insects. 
6. Absolutely no camo. It's a law.
7. Wide brimmed sun hat is recommended.
8. Lighweight jacket because it can be chilly in the morning and evening. 
9. Closed toed shoes—tennis, walking or hiking.
10. Lots of insect repellent. Yeah, we'll definitely be wearing that!

So, I need a lot of new clothes. I do not have any khaki colored clothing. I bought 4 pairs of linen pants from Old Navy. They had them on sale for $28. I got tan, khaki, olive green and paprika. They recommend 3 outfits (yeah, that's not going to happen) as they offer laundry service daily. You drop it off when you go out for the day and it will be ready when you get back. I'm brining 4 pairs of pants and at least 6 tops.

I haven't even started thinking about tops yet. I have time. I just hope the pants fit! I'm pretty certain I'm not going to like them. But as Butch says--and has been saying since the girls were little: "Ladies, it's not a fashion show!"

Uh, when is he going to learn. We girls want to look good! You would have thought he'd already learned that lesson the weekend we went to St. Louis in about 1990 when we 4 girls had 26 pairs of shoes amongst us!!

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  1. An exciting trip, but challenging with the clothes restrictions! Trying to be completely covered while still coping with heat must be a nightmare. Hope you manage to find the ideal safari capsule wardrobe!


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