Monday, June 13, 2022

Monday Mystery

It's a mystery, but I'm starting with "now I've seen everything!"

We are at the beach. We went to Mass yesterday at St. Rita's. Right away I noticed that considering we're at the beach, people were really dressed nicely. There were more men in shorts than slacks, but they were nice shorts with collared shirts---no cut-offs or t-shirts. Butch and I even remarked that the people were better dressed than at our church at home! We really expected a much more casual vibe since we're at the beach. Butch and I were dressed appropriately, so no worries there.

Then, during communion, there was a nice looking guy with two well-dressed little boys on his hips. He had on nice shorts and an oxford shirt. So obviously, he took the time to dress nicely. But then, he ruined it by going bare-footed!! What? I HAVE NEVER SEEN A BAREFOOTED ADULT IN CHURCH! I was a bit shocked. Of course you see plenty of babies that are shoeless, but never adults. 

Now, I've seen kids eating all assortment of foods--including crunchy potato chips. I've seen a woman making her grocery list. I've even seen a woman putting a top coat on her nails. I remember thinking, "Have these people forgotten that they are in church? Do they think they are at home?" I know, that sounds pretty judgemental on my part. But, I just think it's rude. 

As for the "barefooted preppie," the mystery to me is: why was he barefooted? I've come up with several theories: 
1. He was so harried with getting two little boys ready for church, he forgot his own shoes. I didn't see a wife/mother, so this is possible. Or...
2. The darlings hid one of his shoes and he couldn't find it. Or...
3. Their dog chewed them up. Or...
3. He stepped in something on the way inside and didn't want to drag it in. 

Yeah, that's it. In that case, then it was pretty considerate to leave his shoes outside!

This is me giving the benefit of the doubt and resisting any judgement!

I can definitely say, "now I've seen everything!"

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  1. Maybe he had broken a toe and unable to wear a shoe on that foot and thought he couldn't go just wearing one shoe?


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