Wednesday, June 15, 2022

What I Buy Wednesday

I haven't bought anything this week. Nothing. Nada. Not a thing. 

Soooo, since we're at the beach, I'm sharing what Mindy bought. 

The plan was that she would fish with her dad, she decided that she needed a fishing shirt. Whether she dubbed it her "lucky fishing shirt" is unclear. 

Butch has all sorts of "lucky" things in his tackle box, namely: "a lucky nickel" or a "lucky piece of wood." Seriously, mabye I need to talk to him about luck! Because that and fishing do not go together! Or at least, those "lucky" tokens don't really seem to be working--at least not on any refular basis. Oh well, I don't think it's about catching fish anyway. As Butch says, it's about being outside in the fresh air, enjoying nature. Me, well, I need more than that. Give me my book and a chair and I'm good.

Anyway, Mindy went to Shunk Gulley after our pedicures the other day and bought a t-shirt. On her very first fishing trip, she sent me this picture:
Okay, it might be little, but it's a fish!! Seemingly, her shirt is lucky after all! Hmmm, maybe Butch needs a "lucky fishing shirt!" Yeah, that's it!

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