Monday, June 27, 2022

Monday Mystery

Earlier in the week, I had an inner conversation with myself in the produce department of Publix when I was getting ready to buy a grapefruit. Should I just get one or two? Two is quite a commitment as that's 4 breakfasts--because, of course, you cut them in half and only eat one half at a time. I threw caution to the wind and just went ahead and bought two.

When I decided to have one for breakfast, I got to thinking. Why don't people peel grapefruit like they do an orange? Kind of a mystery for sure. I decided I was going to try it. So I did.

The first thing I noticed was that it was really easy to peel--easier than some oranges. Then I realized that once it's peeled, there's not really much there.
The actual flesh part is about the size of an orange. That leads me to--two more mysteries. Why have I only eaten one half at a time? That's like eating a half of an orange. I always eat a whole orange. I guess it's because that's how we did it growing up. Mom cut it in half and gave us one of those special grapefruit spoons with the serrated tip. That was way harder than just peeling it! 

The other mystery is why I even bothered doing this at all. Heck, I really like buying the sections in the plastic jar floating in that juice--I guess it's grapefruit juice. I should check on that. But that's by far the simplest way to eat grapefruit. 

Okay, mystery solved. I'll just by the pre-peeled from now on. When I think about how small it actually was, I feel a little cheated. It's so misleading. There's no mystery about that!

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  1. You've made me realise that it has been a very long time since I had a grapefruit! We used to cut them in half and then cut out the sections with that fancy serrated edge spoon too. My husband is on statins nowadays and you aren't supposed to eat grapefruit with that medication so we've got out of the habit of buying them. However, you've just reminded me how I used to like pink grapefruit and there's no reason why I can't eat them!


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